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  • Buescher True Tone Series IV Tenor Saxophone Original Gold Plate Good Pads 212844

    $ 2,150
  • Conn (Holton) Bass Saxophone Good Playing Condition Original Silver Plate CLEAN P22298

    $ 7,000

    Extremely good price on this beautiful Conn BASS Saxophone that comes in good playing condition! This is a gigging bass sax that sounds excellent and feels great too.

    You seldom see a vintage Bass sax in good condition in this price range. The price is lower because it’s on consignment and the owner got a good deal on it back in the day. Also because it says Holton on the bell, though it’s built by Conn with possibly a few Holton touches to the aesthetics. This horn is in good playing condition on current pads. Not completely overhauled, but it is easy to play. Very few past repairs, and very little dent work, which is quite remarkable for any vintage bass. This is a great deal, and someone should grab it and start having some fun. Bass is fun even if you have a smaller frame, because you can (and should) put it on a floor stand and play it without any weight on your shoulders. It’s also fun because you can rock out on the bass lines of tunes without feeling like you have to take a technical solo. It adds a lot. Look below for one of my favorite classic SNL sketches with Steve Martin featuring a bass sax in the band.

  • Conn New Wonder 1 Tenor Exceptionally Fine Player Tunes Great Fresh Overhaul BAM Case 67890

    $ 3,200

    Do you want the biggest, darkest, most spread and room-filling vintage Conn tone possible? Do you want a gorgeous vintage Conn with original silver plate that looks almost new? Do you want it with a freshly-done high end ($1k+) overhaul, with high-end metal resonators? Do you want a premium $350 BAM tenor case included that fits the horn beautifully and will keep it in top adjustment?

    Well, look no further. That’s what this is. Any you should buy it. Right now. You won’t be sorry. I didn’t call it an exceptionally fine player for nothing.

  • King Original Gold Plate Soprano Saxophone Beautiful Engraving 56362

    $ 1,500

    This is an original gold plated King soprano from about 1922.  The engraving is exquisite, as it usually is on gold plated King saxophones, and the horn itself is in very good physical condition.  Keyed to high Eb, it currently plays ok on old pads, and the tone is very warm and pleasant. As is typical with sopranos of this age, the intonation is pretty flexible, but given a good ear and voicing it is entirely possible to play in tune- just don’t expect this to do the job for you like a modern Yamaha or Yanagisawa!  The trade-off is, as it usually is in my experience, richness of tone for flexibility of intonation, although a large chamber soprano mouthpiece (like a vintage Buescher) will make the job a lot easier. I was playtesting this on a modern Yanagisawa piece though and enjoyed it quite a bit, without any notable intonational problems for me personally.  This is from a collection and has old pads. But just the gold plate is worth the entire price of the horn. It’s a super deal. You could easily find this priced double somewhere else. Includes the nice Buescher soprano mouthpiece in the photos!

    The original case for this instrument is in good condition and fits it very well. 

  • Sold Out

    King Saxello Soprano Saxophone – Near Mint!

    This is a beautiful, nearly mint condition King Saxello semi-curved soprano saxophone in original silver plate.

  • King Saxello Soprano Tipped Bell Bent Neck Near Pristine Silver Plate

    $ 2,600

    This is a rare and beautiful example of a King Saxello soprano. The King Saxello is not just cool, but practical. The bent neck moves the horn down to rest on the neck strap for added comfort. The upturned bell means that you can hear yourself when you play! Condition wise, this is among the best I have seen. There was a very small dent that was removed from the neck, and it was done well. That’s it for past repairs. This thing is clean! Body tube, keywork, posts, bell flare etc are all very good.

    The King Saxello has a big, wide tone that is way larger than any modern soprano. Really, you have to play a Saxello like this in order to even imagine how different it sounds from a modern soprano. Simply put, many modern sopranos sound more like an oboe than a sax, but the King Saxello sounds like a saxophone! This horn needs an overhaul to play, so plan on getting pads replaced! But it’s a great example to have overhauled, and it’s priced to move.

    The original silver is almost all intact, and the horn just looks great. The price is extremely low for one of these, and this horn is a great purchase and a delight to own. Plus it’s cool to bring to gigs and to show people. The King Saxello is just intrinsically cool.