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  • Buescher Big B Alto Saxophone Original Lacquer Good Condition 324407

    $ 1,650

    This is a 1949 Buescher “Big B” Aristocrat, so named for the ornate engraving of a, well, a Big B on the bell.  This horn is in very good condition, and the typical wear around the fine engraving of the B on the bell is not present, which indicates that this horn has led a life mostly in a closet somewhere.  There are no resolders or past dentwork to speak of, and it plays *way* better than it should on some very old pads, but you would want to get this repadded to play like it can, which is very, very good!  

    These horns are undervalued in my opinion.  I mean, you can get this one in such great shape with all of its original Snap-on resonators and overhaul it for not a whole lot more than a Yamaha student model in total- seems like a good buy to me! They combine excellent intonation, comfortable keywork, top notch build quality, and beautiful lacquer and engraving with a warm, centered tone.  Johnny Hodges famously played one of these, and his tone is a very good example of the blend of sweetness and power these horns possess.

  • Sold Out

    Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone Pre-War 1937 Excellent Condition Overhauled

  • Conn Standard Steelay 5 Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece D69

    $ 95

    Complete your set with a Conn 10M tenor from the 30’s or 40’s. Deep scooped sidewalls, very large chamber, no baffle. Tip opening measures 0.058″. This tip opening is pretty limiting in terms of flexibility and projection. High resistance, very dark tone.

  • Selmer Balanced Action Alto Saxophone 21532 1935 Beautiful!

    $ 3,650

    Beautiful example of a very early Selmer Balanced Action alto. The engraving is especially nice on this alto, as is the dark lacquer color. It’s hard to say whether the lacquer is original or not, but I’m pricing it as if it is not. This has the rare individual adjuster screws on the lower stack keys, which you only see on the earliest BA’s. The Balanced Action is beloved for its warm, spread tone that has a sweet lyrical core. And for its modern keywork (all modern horns copy the Balanced Action design). This alto has old pads, but is otherwise quite nice. Get it restored and singing again, and you will have a really satisfying alto to play and to own. There’s no better looking or sounding Selmer in my opinion.

  • Selmer New Large Bore Alto Saxophone 1930 11816 Old Pads Good Condition

    $ 1,700