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    Brilhart Streamline 5 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece MPC400

    $ 375

    Beautiful almost new example of a rare Streamline Brilhart Ebolin alto mouthpiece. Stamped 3*, it measures like a Meyer 5 tip at .074″ on the original facing. This is often the case with Brilharts, where you only know the tip by measuring.

    This mouthpiece plays great with a beautiful warmth and fullness that also does not lack projection. Brilharts like this are among my favorite vintage alto mouthpieces (along with Meyer and MC Gregory).

    If you happen to want the rare and collectible original Brilhart BB screws streamline alto ligature and cap, I have one in my collection that fits this mouthpiece that I would be open to selling.

  • Buescher Big B Alto Saxophone Original Lacquer Good Condition 324407

    $ 1,650

    This is a 1949 Buescher “Big B” Aristocrat, so named for the ornate engraving of a, well, a Big B on the bell.  This horn is in very good condition, and the typical wear around the fine engraving of the B on the bell is not present, which indicates that this horn has led a life mostly in a closet somewhere.  There are no resolders or past dentwork to speak of, and it plays *way* better than it should on some very old pads, but you would want to get this repadded to play like it can, which is very, very good!  

    These horns are undervalued in my opinion.  I mean, you can get this one in such great shape with all of its original Snap-on resonators and overhaul it for not a whole lot more than a Yamaha student model in total- seems like a good buy to me! They combine excellent intonation, comfortable keywork, top notch build quality, and beautiful lacquer and engraving with a warm, centered tone.  Johnny Hodges famously played one of these, and his tone is a very good example of the blend of sweetness and power these horns possess.

  • Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone 1940 Pre-war Excellent Condition Orig Lacquer

    $ 3,850
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    Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone 1948 Original Lacquer Old Pads

    $ 2,350
    This Conn 10M tenor saxophone from 1948 comes to you in very good original condition. There are no resolders. The bell flare is undamaged. Neck is not pulled down. Body tube looks clean as well. There were some small dents removed from the back of the bow, but that was done well, so that it is hard to tell at all.  Everything is in good shape and keys move freely. Rolled tone holes are also undamaged and in great shape. You can almost play the horn on the existing reso-pads but it would be 10x better with an overhaul.
    Great, clean, original lacquer Conn 10M that will be a super player. Priced to sell!
  • Conn 6M VIII Alto Saxophone Pre-war 1940 Original Lacquer Near Mint Condition

    $ 3,250

    Super Super SUPER Clean original lacquer Conn 6M VIII alto from 1940. This is just about the most perfect pre-war Conn 6M that I have seen. It is completely original with original pads intact as well. If you want the best, then look no further. These altos are SO great with a good overhaul. I just got the 285k 6M VIII overhauled, and it is a fresh reminder just how great Conn saxophones of this period are. Put it next to anything, and it’s not even a fair fight. Even my beloved Super 20’s can’t match the raw power, and the vibration of a Conn. It projects while staying warm and dark, yet still cuts through like an ideal lead alto. Works with lots of mouthpieces, including Meyers, Otto Links, and even Selmer style pieces. If you want the best condition 6M possible, this is the one! It will probably be years before I see its equal!

  • Otto Link Tone Master 4* Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece MPC469

    $ 300

    Light reface to a 0.062″ tip opening. Mild rollover baffle, large chamber, curved sidewalls. It has a much darker tone than you might normally think of with metal. Very playable. If you want a rich, medium-dark alto tone, and want a mouthpiece that looks cool, and is more durable than hard rubber, this would be a good option. It brightens up when pushed, but is not a bright mouthpiece overall.