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  • Alto Beechler Bellite Metal Brilhart Reproduction 3-Band Ligature Echo Master

    $ 165

    This ligature fits thin metal alto saxophone mouthpieces like Beechler Bellite and other very slim body metal alto mouthpieces, like Brilhart levelaire, and some modern pieces like Guardala handmade. That’s ALL that this ligature fits. This is a listing for the ligature only, not a mouthpiece. 

    For Dukoff Miami alto, please buy the ‘soprano’ ligature here, because the soprano ligature fits Miami Dukoff metal alto mouthpieces *perfectly*. The soprano ligature also fits metal Otto Link alto mouthpieces very nicely.

    There’s a reason why the vintage Brilhart 3-Band ligatures have been singled out by the market (players) as by far the most desirable vintage ligatures. They are great ligatures. But there will never be enough vintage Brilhart ligatures to meet the high demand for this style of ligature. Thankfully, there is now a high-quality, hand made reproduction available to meet this demand. These are made by a small company in South Korea that cares about getting saxophone equipment right. These ligatures get rave reviews by the people who buy them. I don’t want to make huge claims for a ligature, but I will say that people tend to LOVE them. They’re beautiful, simple, and easy to use, and they sound great.

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    Berg Larsen 105 2 M Tenor Mouthpiece MPC310

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    Berg Larsen 110 2 M Tenor Mouthpiece MPC311

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    Berg Larsen 95 0 M Tenor Mouthpiece MPC243

  • Brilhart “Designed By” 7* Bari Mouthpiece MPC 308

    $ 350
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    Brilhart Ebolin 5* Alto Mouthpiece MPC242

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    Brilhart Hard Rubber Great Neck Tenor 4-digit .079″ MPC251

    $ 450

    This is a beautiful early Brilhart tenor mouthpiece. It’s the “Designed By Arnold Brilhart” stamped model, and it has a 4-digit serial 1803. Great Neck NY on the shank, and a 4 stamp on the table. Looks like original facing to me, and measures .079, which is about a modern 5. There are some light tooth scratches on the beak that would polish off, and a few other scratches on the body. This is an easy to play tip opening for people looking for a first tenor mouthpiece, or a piece to play in an ensemble or band setting, or even for classical sax.

  • Chedeville Alto Mouthpiece MPC259

    $ 200

    This is a Chedeville alto saxophone mouthpiece. It has a low baffle and a large round chamber. The tip opening measures at 0.072.

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    Dukoff D9 Alto Mouthpiece .089″ Screamer MPC261

    It goes to eleven. This is an original box Dukoff Super Power Chamber alto piece. Are you in a college pep band and sick of getting drowned out by the trumpets? Do you need to cut through a rock band on alto? Say hi to your new friend. Once you get used to the large tip opening, you can put a ton of air through your horn and really scream on this piece. Better workmanship on this than on the modern Dukoff pieces. Includes original box, ligature and cap.

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    Dukoff Miami D7 Alto The Sanborn Piece MPC263

    It goes to eleven. This is a Miami, FL Dukoff Super Power Chamber alto piece in a D7 tip opening. This is what David Sanborn has famously played for many years. The tip measures .081″ and the facing is original. This includes the rare vintage plastic ligature and original cap. There is quite a bit of wear in the tooth guard area, and that could be cleaned up, but I just left it so you can do what you want with it. I would probably take off the extra tooth guard, clean it, and put a new clear vandoren one on there, and it should be good. These pieces show better workmanship than on the modern Dukoff pieces.

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    Otto Link Reso Chamber Tenor Mouthpiece 5* Excellent! MPC246

    This is probably the nicest Reso tenor piece I have had for sale. It’s an original 5* facing measuring .065″ so smaller than a modern 5. It has a beautiful original facing that is a good example to show someone of what original Link facing looked like. Smooth, cloudy looking rails fading into curved striations in the middle of the table, and staying soft and cloudy looking to the end of the table. Perfection! This piece includes the original and desirable T-stamped Otto Link ligature in similarly great shape.

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    Phil-Tone Solstice Alto like M.C. Gregory 6 tip .078″ MPC265

    I think that the vintage Meyer Bros and M.C. Gregory alto mouthpieces are probably the best playing alto mouthpieces ever made. There are lots of Meyer-inspired pieces, but not many MC Gregory-inspired ones. This piece, made by hand by Phil Engleman of Phil-Tone Custom Woodwinds is modeled on the M.C. Gregory Model A alto mouthpiece that got Paul Desmond that signature “dry martini sound.” To do it the Desmond way would require a smaller tip opening than this and a stiff reed, but you can still get a similar tone and a lot more volume than Desmond on this piece.

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    Runyon C Melody Mouthpiece! 8 .095″ MPC252

    This is a cool piece that I have not seen before. It turns your C melody into a more projecting jazz machine, but it still tunes well and is fun to play. The chamber is medium with a squeeze throat, which gives the tone some sizzle and projection. The tip opening is an 8 and measures .095″. It feels like a tenor mouthpiece to play, but it uses alto reeds. This piece is in great shape and has not been used much.

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    Selmer Soloist (Modern) Alto D .074″ MPC267

    The Selmer Soloist is a go-to mouthpiece for saxophone study, and works well for classical or section playing. It has a small horse shoe-shaped chamber and produces a tone that is dark and focused, and that projects more at higher volumes. This is the modern version of the Soloist, not a vintage piece, though they look and play pretty much the same as far as I am concerned. It measures .074″ which is only slightly more open than a Meyer 5. This is a good all-around alto piece for a variety of settings. It has no damage and minimal wear and includes a ligature and cap.

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    Selmer Soloist Short Shank C* Alto MPC262

    This completes your set with a 5-digit Selmer Mark VI alto, or works well for classical alto or even jazz if you push it. This is an original mouthpiece from a Selmer Mark VI alto with the shorter shank design that you see in the 1950’s. It is stamped C* and measures .070,” which is comfortable for alto.

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    Sigurd Rascher Alto MPC258

    This is a mouthpiece that Sigurd Rascher asked Buescher to keep making after they changed their mouthpiece design at one point. It is still findable today, and here is a very nice example of one that is totally original. If you want a nice Rascher mouthpiece, here you go.

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    Vandoren V16 A6 S Alto .077″ 6 tip MPC266

    The Vandoren V16 alto piece is a clean-sounding, dependable lead alto mouthpiece. It has a small chamber for added projection, and enough of a baffle to give you some edge. You can play jazz on this, or even a more commercial-oriented smooth jazz type of sound, depending on your playing style. Always reliably faced well, these pieces are easy to play. This one is in excellent condition and looks nearly new. There is no tooth wear under the Vandoren tooth guard by the way. Tip measures .077″ which is like a Meyer 6.

  • Woodwind Co. NY D7 Tenor .073″ 4* Tip MPC253

    $ 299

    If you talk mouthpieces with me, you will find that I am a big fan of the Woodwind Company. It was a wonderful place where you would go with your teacher and get fitted with a mouthpiece by a mouthpiece maker at his bench, finding which of the 168 facings and numerous chambers worked best for you. For tenor, I find I like the B chamber and the D chamber best so far. (for soprano and alto, it’s different). This is a nice, vintage Woodwind Co D7 tenor, which has a medium-large, round chamber and just a little bit of baffle. It is similar to a Florida Otto Link Tone Edge in the baffle profile, though the chamber is slightly smaller. It has nicely curved side walls and a beatifully done facing with thin tip and side rails and a signature “cloudy” looking table with facing stamped on the table. This is a nice, balanced player that would be perfect for the tenor player who is not going for a big tip opening, but wants a piece that sounds good and is easy to control. It has a warm, rich tone with just enough punch to make it work for jazz when pushed, but not so much that you stand out from a section if you want to blend. Great do-it-all tenor piece for a variety of playing situations.