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  • Conn 6M Transitional Alto Gorgeous Original Silver 246729 Original Pads

    $ 2,350

    Super DUPER clean Conn art deco engraved ORIGINAL silver plated ‘transitional’ 6M alto saxophone from 1931 in near mint condition with original pads. This alto will get overhauled soon, and the price will be +$1100 to cover the cost of the overhaul (I don’t make any money on overhauls, but the horns like this deserve to have them done right. Otherwise, what’s the point of running this business at all?) I am a huge fan of Conn altos from 1930-1934. They’re my favorites of all time. This horn has a set of hybrid features found only on this particular year of 6M. The main ‘stack’ keywork where your fingers normally go are already anticipating the fast and comfortable style of keywork found on the fully 6M altos, AND both bell keys have moved around to the left, but the left hand pinky (spatula) keys are a modified version of the New Wonder II (Chu Berry) style, albeit a more comfortable version. With the bell keys both on the left, you have direct action closing of those keys, which makes them easier on your pinky. It’s a very comfortable layout, although it looks antequated.

    The original finish on this horn is nearly 100% intact. If you want to see what these look like polished up, check out it’s twin brother here that just got overhauled. This engraving style is found only on this particular vintage of Conn, and looks fantastic. The swivel thumb hook also goes away a few years later. If you’re into geeking out on Conns like this, check Matt Stohrer’s article here.

    Tonally, this is the essence of a warm but powerful lead alto sound. It easily sails over an entire big band when pushed. These Conns were built for ‘carrying power’ (as the vintage ads say), and they really do project with ease. But they also stay saturated and warm at very low volumes, and the whole instrument vibrates in your hands when you play. There’s nothing like a Conn for tone, power, and build quality. Repairmen love to work on them because they’re built so well. If you want one of the best, this would be worth your consideration for sure!


  • Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone 1971 Original Lacquer and Pads Excellent! 192152

    $ 5,500