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  • Conn New Wonder II Chu Berry Alto Saxophone Relacquer 1930 Good Pads Great Deal 236664

    $ 950

    This is a Conn New Wonder II Transitional alto saxophone from 1930. The new coat of paint it got made the price go down, but didn’t hurt the playability. This horn came to me playing pretty well on its current pads. It hasn’t been freshly overhauled, but it does play on the current setup. That makes it a great deal, because you get the beautiful big, warm Conn tone for under $1k, which is crazy. Again, it’s not as good as a fresh overhaul, but it’s pretty good. This horn is pre-war, if you’re looking for that, and it has rolled tone holes. By ‘transitional’ in the title, I mean that it was made very late in the New Wonder II (or ‘Chu Berry’) run, and it has some features that anticipate the 6M or ‘artist’ or ‘naked lady’ or ‘lady face’ (I could go on. Conn nomenclature is kind of convoluted.) It’s basically a New Wonder II, but it has the raised high E side key and a few other small changes like palm key shapes and possibly a different neck though I’m not sure about that.

    It includes the case in the photos as well.

    Only one available.

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone 1955 58119 Price Includes Overhaul! Relacquered Great Deal

    $ 5,250

    This 5-digit Selmer Mark VI Alto from 1955 is getting a complete overhaul right now! It’s going to be an excellent player when it’s done, and it represents a very good value in an alto. For way less than a Reference 54, you can get an actual ’55 Selmer Mark VI with a complete restoration just finished. These first year Mark VI altos play dark, with a lot of focus and warmth, and they are punchy when pushed. They project well with a higher baffle mouthpiece. Effortless response in the low register. They’re just fantastic, and they are better built than most modern altos including modern Selmer. Plus this comes with a better pad job than any new horn you can currently buy, and it will stay in adjustment well for many years with only the most routine of maintenance. You save thousands of dollars because this horn got a new coat of ‘paint’ at some point along the way. That makes a lot of sense to me. It comes in a nice BAM contoured alto case that is similar to the Selmer Flight Cases that come with the Ref 54. Fits the horn hand in glove.

    Only one available!

  • Sold Out

    Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone 1956 66258 Factory Relacquer Excellent Condition

    $ 7,500

    This is the best-preserved factory relacquer 5-digit Selmer Mark VI tenor I have ever sold. It looks original down to the finest details, but it isn’t! It was probably refinished by Selmer only a few years after it was bought, because the lacquer looks like what they used around ’59 to me, AND it still has the metal resonators that Selmer only used up to about 82500 serial before switching to plastic. It was owned by a pro player in NYC who played it for a few years before going to medical school. It was really well cared-for, and there are NO resolders or past repairs at all! It’s super nice and clean. If not for the new ‘coat of paint’ that Selmer very carefully gave it, it would be priced double what you would pay for it here, so the price is incredibly fair. The pads even still seal from the late 50’s and it has a rich, focused, medium-dark tone with lots of projection. The intonation is great. Response is very good. Keywork is nice and tight – no significant buffing happens in a factory relacquer, as the old lacquer is chemically stripped, then the brass shined up gently (probably by hand) and then new lacquer sprayed carefully on. That’s why the engraving is so sharp and original-looking. The neck has matching serial numbers with the body, and the neck has never been damaged or pulled down. Body tube, bell, and bow are also undamaged.

    If you’re a player looking for the best possible Mark VI for the money, this is probably it right now. You could play it for a while on the current pads, or you could get it overhauled and it would be incredible. It’s a clean, beautiful, problem-free early 5-digit VI from the best serial range that is priced quite a bit less than an inferior Reference 54 or 36. That’s hard to beat!

    Only one available.