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Buescher True Tone Soprano Original Gold Plate Overhauled 183067

Beautiful original satin gold plate Buescher True Tone soprano saxophone! This is one of the desirable later versions of the True Tone and plays really nicely in tune with a warm, round tone. You won’t go wrong with this soprano. It has a recent overhaul done by one of the best repairmen in Canada and it is in quite good shape. It had a couple of posts resoldered – one at the top of the upper stack and one under the pinky table. These posts always seem to be resoldered on Buescher sopranos. I think they just pop off and have to be stuck back on, on most of these. The gold plate is in great shape. The tone is unlike anything you can buy today – the True Tone is not thin and nasal like a Selmer Mark VI. It’s much more balanced, pleasant, and dare-I-say ‘modern’ sounding! Only one available!


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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 8 × 8 in


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