Buffet Keilwerth Expression Tenor Excellent Condition

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$ 1,900

Great deal on a beautiful original lacquer Keilwerth / Buffet Expression tenor saxophone. This is on consignment and has original pads. I haven’t been authorized to get any work done, but in lieu of that, the price is hard to beat! So plan on a tune up when you get it, but there are no mechanical problems that I see besides some pad leaks. If you want a pro quality Keilwerth for a discount price, this would be hard to beat. You could pay double this for a pro Keilwerth!

Only one available!

In stock

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 10 in

1 review for Buffet Keilwerth Expression Tenor Excellent Condition

  1. Kevin

    I’m not going to buy this tenor because I already have one (and an alto as well).

    I don’t understand why folks aren’t dashing to buy this – it’s likely the best Keilwerth stencil ever (made for the new parent company), doesn’t have the soldered-on “rolled” toneholes, and sounds like a BEAST. The ergos are fabulous, and it’s built like a tank too.

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