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Buffet S1 Alto Saxophone Amazing Condition Great Player Fresh Overhaul!

The Buffet S1 Alto saxophone is the best saxophone that Buffet ever produced. It has all of the big, operatic voice of a Super Dynaction, paired with some brilliant keywork improvements. Plus, it has that combination of high build quality and rarity that makes it appeal to me both as a player and as a lover of vintage saxophones. The low C/Eb design is just so pleasant to use. It’s light, fast, and ergonomic. No more hopping your pinky over rollers. Just rock it side to side! Why don’t modern saxes copy this? The left hand spatula keys have similarly smart rocking designs that make the adjacent keys stay accessible when you press any of the pinky keys down. The S1 has excellent intonation, beautiful engraving, and a pleasant, warm, medium tone between bright and dark. If you want a great professional alto that is in the neighborhood of a Selmer Mark VI, that is equally well built, but costs less, and has a bit wider, fatter sound, especially in the palm keys, then the S1 is the horn for you. There’s nothing else that does all of that stuff as well.

This beautiful S1 alto just got a complete overhaul by the great Bill Singer of NYC. Bill has been overhauling pro saxophones for the top NYC players (and all over) for years, and he has a stellar reputation. You can be sure that this horn plays its best, and that it will for many years to come with minimal maintenance required. That also adds a lot of value for you on the purchase. This is the version of S1 that has the serial number ending in A, which some say tunes better than the other versions, though I have never given this 440 vs 442 distinction much creedance. After all, who plays within 2 cents intonation on saxophone well enough to tell for sure anyway? Be that as it may, some people like the ‘serial ending in A for America’ story/version (never mind that America doesn’t start with an A in French but with an E), and this does indeed have serial ending in A.

Original case is gorgeous too. You’d have a hard time finding a nicer case.

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 13 × 8 in


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