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Buffet Super Dynaction Tenor 12010 Original ‘Sparkle’ Lacquer Early Example Fair Condition Old Pads

So I’ll do this one as pros and cons. Pros: The Buffet Super Dynaction is a wonderful vintage saxophone. It plays and feels a LOT like a much more expensive vintage Selmer Mark VI, for a small fraction of the price. It has modern-ish keywork, the quirks being no tilting low Bb, slightly more spread key layout, and inline tone holes. It’s comfortable to play and feels fast under the fingers. Third, it is original lacquer, and as an earlier serial SDA, it has the darker lacquer, and this one has a ‘sparkle’ to it, probably from the lacquer having microscopic facets in it, whether accidentally or by design. I’m told Buffet marketed these with ‘sparkle lacquer’ but I haven’t seen any literature along those lines yet myself. Fourth – the price is super low.

Cons: It needs a complete overhaul. I don’t think you’ll be limping along on old pads on this one. It needs to get repadded right off the bat. There are also several past repairs or issues – some posts pushed in, some posts resoldered, neck slightly pulled down and then corrected, mild bow dent. It’s been played a fair amount and also has a decent amount of play wear.

So to sum up – great vintage tenor, original lacquer, Selmer-ish tone, Selmer-ish keywork,l beautiful engraving, lots of potential, but it needs a complete overhaul and has been played a good bit as well. Great price though. One of the best horns for the money on the market, particularly if you are used to getting a horn overhauled. Only one available!


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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 9 in


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