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Conn 10M 1940 Orig. Lacquer Pre-War Exceptionally Fine Player



This is a beautiful, original lacquer Conn 10M ‘naked lady’ (saxophone players are so eloquent) Tenor Saxophone from 1940. It has had some typical small dents removed from the bow area, and a very small one on one spot on the neck, and that’s about it for past repairs. The neck is not pulled down, and the bell flare and body tube are both in very good condition. This horn was low miles when it came in, with most of its original pads when I got it. These photos are with the original (mostly) pads, but this 10M just (Oct 25) got a fresh Matt Stohrer overhaul. Most folks have never had the pleasure of playing a 10M with a truly great overhaul. It’s like no other saxophone, and like no other playing experience. The heavens open, and you hear the sound that you’ve been looking for all these years. Seriously. I keep hyperbole strictly under control in my descriptions. There’s nothing like a great 10M with a great overhaul. And that’s what you’re getting. A hand-picked (and I am picky) example of a 10M from the best vintage, that comes with an overhaul from Matt Stohrer who has spent his life honing the craft of vintage saxophone repair. It’s the best. Saxophones done right.

This horn is an exceptionally fine player. It is just fantastic throughout. Definitely one of the best three 10M’s I have played, and they were all basically the same. The action is basically perfect – nice and snappy, and not too light or too stiff. The intonation is excellent. The tone is superb – medium focused for a Conn, but more spread than modern horns,

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Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 9 in


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