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Conn 10M Pre-War from 1936 Fresh Overhaul

This is a beautiful Conn 10M Tenor from the best vintage! It also has a fresh overhaul and it’s priced to sell!

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This is a very good example of a Conn 10M tenor. It has almost all of its original lacquer intact on the bell bow and body tube. The (original) neck is also in beautiful shape and has never been damaged. There are also minimal repairs the the horn itself. There was one small dent removed in the bell area, and it’s pretty much invisible. It is VERY uncommon to find a pre-war 10M this nice. When I got it, it had original pads still. Nobody had messed with this horn, and I just got it a fresh high-end overhaul also with all new pads, corks, felts, setup, mechanical checkup, the works! This tenor is in TOP playing condition – meaning you could sample 10M’s used by gigging musicians today, and maybe 1% of them would have this good of an overhaul and play this effortlessly.

This 10M plays just like a 10M should – big, bold, more spread and velvety than any modern horn, but more centered and slotted in than earlier Conns. It has great intonation, and it is better made than just about any other saxophone ever. If you want a high-quality 10M, look no further. I had a couple of pro players in here the other day, and they went nuts about this horn and were trying to figure out a way to buy it. One of them may end up buying it after he sells his Mark VI:-)

And hey, if you don’t love it, I take returns, and you are only out shipping. You could look for a long time locally and not find a nicer Conn 10M Tenor. And even if you got one cheaper, it would be hard to get one setup this nicely. Horns like this are the reason that Conns are so popular today. It’s really hard to beat.

Only one available!

We pay the best prices for great saxophones.


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Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 10 in


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