Conn 10M Tenor Pre-War Original Lacquer Excellent Condition 269167

$ 5,650

*Update: Price now includes Matt Stohrer overhaul. If you want it with original pads instead, you would need to let me know by 12/8/22 or so.

This is a beautiful original lacquer Conn 10M Tenor from the earliest period of the 10M (10M starts at 263k or so). My personal favorite 10M (best ever) is actually only 2 serial numbers later than this one! 269169, and this is 269167. It’s pretty dirty right now, so I am going to get it completely overhauled soon if it doesn’t sell with original pads in the near future. This is guaranteed to be a monster player with a proper overhaul (I recommend Pisoni Italian leather pads and TM resonators in flat or slightly domed metal). The horn is quite clean, with only a few minor dents from its 85+ years of life so far. It was one owner until now, and it still is playing (surprisingly well) on its original factory setup. Don’t expect it to play well though on 80 year old pads. It’s leaky, but if you push a lot of air through the horn, it is clearly an EXCELLENT 10M, which is no surprise given how clean it is and the serial range. If you want to get it overhauled to my picky standards through GetASax, we can discuss that possibility. I don’t make any money on overhauls. You’d just pay whatever the repairman charges for the work, and it’s guaranteed to be an excellent job.

Only one available! (Though we also have serial 289289 in similar shape for sale right now!)

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 13 × 8 in


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