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Conn 10M Tenor Pre-War Original Lacquer Matt Stohrer Overhaul 269167

$ 6,350

This is a beautiful original lacquer Conn 10M Tenor from the earliest period of the 10M (10M starts at 263k or so). My personal favorite 10M (best ever) is actually only 2 serial numbers later than this one! 269169, and this is 269167. It just got a complete overhaul by Matt Stohrer, and it’s the best playing 10M I’ve sold in years. The only reaons I’m not keeping it is because I already have 269169, also overhauled by Matt, and it’s just the same (and ridiculously great).

You won’t go wrong with this one. It had a couple of dings removed, and it cleaned up great. Original pads came out. Pisoni italian leather pads went in, along with reusable flat brass resonators that really make a 10M sing.

Only one available!!

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 9 in


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