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Conn 10M Transitional Tenor 268908 Ugly Needs Restoration Aubra Graves

From the estate of Aubra Graves, whose lovely playing, into his 90’s inspired thousands of players around the world, this is a quite worn 10M tenor that needs an extensive overhaul but that promises to be worth the effort. Aubra bought this horn freshly overhauled from Wichita Band, and played it on that fresh overhaul for many years. Now it’s dirty and it has some poorly done homemade mods that will need to be fixed. Any decent saxophone repairman who has made or repaired a key will be able to handle this. I got Aubra’s other 10M overhauled, and it was a big job – cost me around $2350 – though that one was rougher than this.

This is basically just an early 10M, rather than a transitional, but people still tend to label them transitional at this serial. If you do your own repairs, this would be a good way to find a fixer upper that will very likely be an excellent player when it is all cleaned up and playing its best.



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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 9 in


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