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Conn 30M Tenor Saxophone Good Condition Original Lacquer 300198

This is a rare and deluxe Conn 30M Connqueror tenor saxophone from 1941, which is one of the best years for Conn saxophones. This tenor has original lacquer and all the crazy extra features that set the ‘Connqueror’ saxophones apart. They’re some of the coolest of all vintage saxophones– everything you touch on the keys is either thick solid silver inlay or mother of pearl. The engraving is deluxe – more than double what is on a 10M, and the keywork is entirely redesigned. The cool thing about the Conn 30M keywork is the ‘permadjust’ mechanism. The big idea here is that once you get the horn correctly setup, all the adjustments can be locked in using a set of disks attached to very fine adjustment screws, which also are locked in place using locking screws. Then the horn’s setup is permanently locked in – no corks or felts to compress, and minimal maintenance needed. Instead of having to install, sand, remove, re-sand, reinstall, and replace corks, your repair shop just needs to turn the right screw a tiny bit in order to setup the horn. Then, if you play the horn till the pads are worn out, you can still just swap out pads without needing to completely overhaul the saxophone for a very long time.

Tonally, the 30M is almost exactly like a 10M. All the geometry of the bore / neck / tone holes is the same as far as anyone can tell. The left hand pinky table / spatula keys if you’re too cool to say ‘pinky’, is angled quite differently on the 30M compared to the 10M. It’s ‘flatter’ and wider, with more rounded edges. Both designs are easy to play, and it isn’t hard to switch between them. There are no other key feel differences between 10M and 30M.

This particular 30M has had some dents removed from the bow area, and maybe a small ding removed from the side of the neck. Besides that, it has nearly all of its original lacquer and hasn’t been played that much since new. The pads are new, but it was repadded before I got it, and could use some additional dialing in of the permadjust mechanism. I’ll get that done eventually, but in the meantime, I just priced it low for an original lacquer 30M (they usually sell about $1500 higher than this), so that you can get whatever you want done yourself and still come out ahead.

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