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Ishimori Wood Stone New Vintage Tenor Saxophones BRAND NEW – Eric Alexander Model LAST One!

$ 4,750

The highly-coveted Ishimori Wood Stone tenor has very comfortable keywork, low, fast action, and a warm, complex tone more like a vintage sax than other modern alternatives. It gets a complete, painstaking mechanical overhaul by Ishimori’s famous saxophone repair shop in Japan before being sold. This makes it very reliable to own over time. I have sold several used ones of these, and they are always holding up very well after years of heavy playing. These features combine to make it highly desirable, and almost always back-ordered. Ishimori doesn’t cut corners on getting the horns totally right before sending them out the door, and this means they will always have a production bottleneck at the overhaul stage of their business. These horns are delightful to play, with an SBA-inspired neck that gives them much of that warmth and delicate core that we love in many vintage Selmers. They also tune well and are beautifully hand-engraved. The Eric Alexander model (this one) plays, to my ear, basically the same as the other models. I’m sure there are subtle differences, but they are much more similar than different.

I have to wait months to get in more of these horns. This is the last one available of the shipment that recently came in. Once it’s gone, I’m back to the waiting game.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 10 in


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