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King Super 20 Tenor Full Pearls Refinish Great Deal! 315933

This is a GREAT price for one of the all time best models of tenor saxophone ever made. The Series II King Super 20 Tenor is what Johnny Griffin played on his classic albums, and it is one of the fastest, most powerful, full throated, most satisfying saxophones to play. This one is priced ridiculously low, because I want to move some horns along, and I got it for a good price with a batch of horns. It’s in very good condition and just got a new coat of lacquer sometime along the way. It was likely done by the factory, since 1. that was standard procedure back in the day and what everybody did, and 2. the lacquer was definitely removed by chemically stripping it, and not by buffing it off, as the original engraving is still almost as sharp looking as it was originally, and because there are no signs of destructive buffing anywhere on the horn. (Tone holes all look great, key arms are undamaged, and keywork is still pretty tight and not worn down.) Chem stripped lacquer only requires a very light prepping of the brass before the new lacquer is sprayed on, so in and of itself, it leaves the horn nearly as good as new. However, that’s not what the market things, so you get one of the best tenors ever for the price of a used Yamaha or the price of 1 1/2 Yas-26 tenors, which is truly insane. But true, at least for the present, till the market catches up to reason and good taste. This tenor plays down to low Bb as is, but the pads are older, and you have to work for the low register. That said, it’s clear that it will be a good player overhauled, so get it, and get it done well, and you’ll have a real gem at a bargain price.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 9 in


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