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King Super 20 Tenor Original Lacquer 349080 Fresh Overhaul Excellent!

Freshly overhauled third series King Super 20 tenor saxophone. This gets my ‘exceptionally fine player’ designation, and it deserves it. The third series Super 20’s are for folks who want a Super 20 that sounds great, but who want the keywork to feel as modern as possible. It’s quite comfortable and fast under the fingers, and it plays effortlessly. You won’t find a better King that checks all the boxes than the series III ones – they lack the side key pearls, but they gain the modern keywork, and they still have the solid silver, double-socket neck that gives the horn a lot of its characteristic tone. This horn just got a complete mechanical overhaul, so it’s just as tight and snappy and new-feeling as can be. It was one owner, original pads before that, so this has never been messed with, and it plays great now and is ready for its next several decades of music making. If you want a tenor that is powerful, full-throated, projecting, and not too bright, but not very dark either, that’s what a Super 20 does really well. The upper register projects a ton without getting thin like a Selmer does, and the low register shakes the walls. Plus the price is the same as you pay for a Yamaha EX and only a little higher than the boutique Taiwanese horns now go for, which is kind of wild.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 in


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