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LeBlanc System Rationale Tenor Saxophone Near Mint 758



Wow – you never see a Leblanc System Rationale tenor, and even the altos are very rare. This one is nearly pristine! It plays well on original pads, and is in superb condition with almost no signs of lacquer wear. It Includes some goodies in the case even – both original case keys, and a copy of a newspaper article about Vito Pascucci (who sold this) – ‘consistently voted one of the best-dressed men in America’ – haha.

The Leblanc System Rationale tenor saxophone is an outstanding player too. The idea of the rational system of keywork after which this horn is named, is that each note has better venting, and most of the stack keys have multiple alternate fingerings available. This means you have more control over the tone and timbre of the horn than you would have on any other saxophone. It is also very well-made.This tenor has basically no wear. The only sign of any damage I can see is a very slight impression from the bell brace inside the bell. It’s like 1mm, and the bell key pads still seal ok, so maybe it was made that way. Very insignificant in any case. The neck is beautiful and undamaged, the body tube is perfect, as is the bow and bell flare. It’s original lacquer of course. You would be very hard-pressed to find a better example of the Leblanc System Rationale Tenor saxophone out there for sale. These are really wonderful saxophones. They were very expensive new, which is probably why this keywork is not on most saxophones today.

Only one available!

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Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 9 in


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