Martin The Martin Alto Original Lacquer Very Good Condition 181668

$ 1,500

Beautiful The Martin Alto Saxophone Committee III in original lacquer. This alto has its original factory pads still, so it will need a loving restoration to be back in top playing condition. However, it’s clean, original and nice and straight. Ready for pads and someone to get it singing again. Martins like this are probably the most underrated saxophones on the market right now. They are warm, focused, powerful, and nicely modern feeling under the fingers (comparatively). The design is unified and tight on these horns. Style wise, this is like if a 50’s Chevy were made into a saxophone.

If you want to hear the tone of one of these, one of my favorite go-to albums is Art Pepper meets the Rhythm Section. Art’s getting his classic, dry, west coast sound on an MC Gregory mouthpiece, which I also recommend on these horns, though Meyers also sound great.

Grab this horn and get playing before they get any more popular than they already are. Only one available!

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 13 × 8 in


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