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Selmer Mark VI Alto 1974 Original Lacquer Good Pads 227643

Original lacquer Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone with American engraving and good pads, priced under $5k! Is that possible? Yes!

The later serial Mark VI altos like this have excellent intonation, excellent balanced medium-bright tone, and are extremely well built. This alto has nothing wrong with it, plays great, and will go up in value while you own it, but it’s about the same price as a Yamaha or even a ’boutique’ Taiwanese brand. That’s nuts! You should definitely buy it if you can. There’s nothing like a Mark VI – it has the best combination of keywork, ergonomics, build quality, and tone of any saxophone, which is why it still sets the standard for professional saxophones 50 years after Selmer stopped making them! This one also has a roomy case with plenty of storage. The lacquer has some wear, because the sax is just so fun to play. It’s in great structural condition, and the pads are newish. This is a true player’s horn with tons of projection. Spring tension is setup light, but we can stiffen it pre-shipping if you prefer.

Only one available.


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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 13 × 8 in


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