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Selmer Mark VI Baritone Low A Original Lacquer Older Pads 147167

This is a chance to get an original lacquer Selmer Mark VI low A baritone saxophone from 1967/8 with older pads for a bargain price. This is a lot less than a new Yamaha, for a Mark VI!  This Mark VI low A baritone has a lot of projection and power, and very good intonation. The tone is medium between bright and dark –  not super dark, not super bright and thin. Depending on mouthpiece, you can take it in lots of directions. This was owned by the same player for the past several decades. He played it a lot because it plays well. It’s time for a fresh overhaul on it, in my opinion, so if you like the worn look on a Selmer, and you want it original lacquer, and you want to be able to afford to overhaul it your way, but not be into it for too much money, then that’s what this is. It’s hard to find any low A Mark VI for this price, let alone a 140k and original lacquer. It was well cared-for, and is a Euro assembled VI that has no engraving from the factory. Original Selmer case as well.

Only one available!


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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 17 × 13 in


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