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Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1963 Fresh Overhaul Excellent Player! 105156

This Mark VI tenor absolutely rocks! It’s one of the most fun tenors to play in the shop right now, regardless of price. It has been relacquered, obviously, as the engraving isn’t very sharp anymore. It never was very deep on the 1962-3 horns – they’re all engraved with a light touch from the factory – but even so, obvious relacquer. However, I just had this horn completely restored, and now it plays and feels like a new saxophone under the fingers, and it is just excellent to play. The tone is fat, dark, focused, and powerful, with lots of complexity. Tyler had more fun recording this one than any other tenor he’s done so far I think! And when I played it, I was just blown away by how responsive and effortless it is to play. The low register just pops out without any fuss, even at pp. Altissimo is easy. Intonation is good. And the pad work is excellent – it feels dry and snappy under your fingers. We used Pisoni Italian leather pads and fancy reusable slightly domed brass resonators, which is my favorite combination for a VI tenor. It comes in the original case in good condition. All in all, you’re saving several thousand dollars for the new coat of lacquer, but you’re getting a world class tenor for a comparatively low price. Whoever gets this should really love it.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 9 in


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