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Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone 103xxx Near Mint American Engraved! Superb

Easily the nicest early 6-digit serial Selmer Mark VI tenor that I have seen in quite some time. This saxophone came from its original owner, who played it for a couple of years in the early 1960’s and then lovingly stored it in a California closet for the whole time since then. It has original pads, no dents, no dings, no resolders. The original (matching) neck is in beautiful, undamaged condition. The back of the body tube is particularly nice and shows only very minor play wear. The original pads are still sealing well enough that you can play this horn and enjoy it for a while before swapping them out, if you want to. The early 60’s Selmer Elkhart factory pad jobs really were top notch and feel great under the fingers. The original, honey-gold lacquer is beautiful and dark, and the engraving is finely cut and looks great. You don’t see that many really clean Mark VI tenors for sale these days. They are starting to get very hard to find in anything like this condition. The early 6-digits like this play just like a late 5-digit 90k. Same exact horn with no design changes. The tone is dark, focused, and very powerful. Not as spread as an earlier 5-digit. Much darker and more focused than a later 6-digit. It’s a sweet spot for tenor saxophone tone. So if what you want is an extraordinarily clean, undamaged, beautiful Selmer Mark VI that is about as close to new as you are likely to find, this is it! These horns are going up in value every year, so you can also play it and enjoy it without losing any of your purchase price if or when you want to sell it later. You can’t say that about most other retail purchases! You just put your money into Selmer Mark VI stock for a little while, and get it back out later. Not a bad deal.


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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 10 in


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