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Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone from 1958 Original Lacquer 75263



Beautiful 75xxx Original Lacquer Selmer Mark VI Tenor. This horn has beautiful American engraving and has most of its original lacquer intact. The original neck has matching serial number 75263. The neck is remarkably clean on this horn with no sign of any pull down at all. The bell flare is beautiful and undamaged also. No dents or dings on the entire horn. There are no resolders either. This is a very nice, clean Mark VI tenor. The 70-79k VI tenors have very fine engraving in many cases, done with a delicate touch. Here’s a pristine original 70k that I sold in the past that has the same kind of engraving. 

Tonally, this is one of those sweet VI tenors that does it all well. Like an 80k, it is dark, focused and powerful. It has that complex voice that you look for in a VI that gets brighter and more lyrical in the upper register. Intonation is good. I normally don’t prefer these white Kangaroo leather pads, but in this case they work great. The horn plays effortlessly and really really well on them. Resonators are flat or very slightly domed metal and sound great also. This is one of those extremely good VI tenors that everyone wants. I probably should have priced it a bit higher!

Only one available!

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Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 9 in


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