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Selmer Mark VII Alto Original Lacquer Old Pads Great Deal 270817

This is a great deal on a Selmer Paris Mark VII alto saxophone. It has original lacquer, and no dents or dings or resolders. The neck is in good shape. This alto just needs a good overhaul, and it will play as good as new. The ‘green’ is just tarnished brass, and will go away when it gets cleaned, and the horn will look very nice. If you want a Selmer Paris that is almost a Mark VI, and original lacquer, but for way less money, this is a great route. The VII has a similar tone to a late VI, but a little bigger and a little darker. The main difference is the keywork. Mark VII is most comfortable if you have larger hands, like a mens size large glove or larger. The reach to low C and low Bb are farther than average. They’re fine as long as your hands aren’t on the small side, but it’s worth mentioning. Probably not great for a middle school student etc. For that, any other model of Selmer from the 50’s and later besides the VII will have an easier reach on the pinky keys. The VII is a great value though, as it has Mark VI level build quality, a great tone, and holds its value extremely well.

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 13 × 8 in


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