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Selmer Reference 36 “Flamingo” Tenor Saxophone RARE Near Mint Full Setup

$ 7,250

Apparently, this is one of the rarest modern Selmers. Only 40 were sold in North America! This one just got about $500 worth of work on it – basically an overhaul but re-using the hardly-used factory pads. This was bought and kept by a collector. This tenor now plays absolutely beautifully! We took it completely apart, cleaned, oiled, put shellac behind all the pads (the right amount!) and floated them to seal perfectly. Also treated and conditioned the leather, replaced all adjustment materials, corrected the action, and did a full neck fit, lapping the neck tenon in properly, which is crucial to getting the full intended playing experience. This is also the only modern Selmer without a high F# by design. So there really is nothing out there like this horn. It’s darker and more spread than a Ref 54, more like a BA or SBA, but with really good intonation and comfortable ergonomics. It has beauty, tone, rarity, playability, and a very good overhaul all in one package. Only one available!

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 14 × 10 in


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