Selmer Super Action 80 Series 1 Alto 343195 Very Good Condition Great Tone!

$ 3,450

As you may know if you hang around this site, I like Selmer Super Action 80 series 1 altos a lot. They are better built and have a more interesting tone than Series IIs, and they also tune well with a Meyer style mouthpiece, unlike a typical Series II. This Series 1 is in very good condition with only some minor signs of use, and a mix of pads that are still sealing pretty well. It doesn’t have a complete overhaul, so plan on swapping out some pads little by little as you go. That let’s me price it lower so that you can get a Selmer Paris alto that is as good as one that costs 2-3x as much, and save the difference. We did a quick sound sample of this horn below, though you can sound a hundred different ways on it depending on your style, reed, and mouthpiece choice. It’s a great all-around alto because it just gets the job done. I love the focused, lyrical, medium-dark tone. It’s got some complexity to it, and lends itself both to a dark classical tone or to a bright mouthpiece pairing to get projection while staying fat sounding. Only one available!

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 13 × 8 in


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