Yamaha YAS-26 Alto Near Mint Condition Great! U72312

$ 1,450

This is a fantastic condition Yamaha YAS-26 alto saxophone, that is the top recommendation of most band directors for a first alto saxophone. At $2166, the new price can be a stretch for many band parents. This one saves you $700+ off the price, and the horn looks basically new and plays better than new, because my repairman just went completely over the horn made sure that it’s playing its absolute best. (It got way more attention than a typical YAS-26 you’d buy at Music and Arts or whatever.) Looks new as well, and I can also jump start your saxophone career with some free accessories, and advise you on a good mouthpiece and reed setup to get you going (this can help a LOT).

Only one available! But if you aren’t the lucky family that gets this one, check the altos category for more YAS-23’s and YAS-26’s. I buy them and fix them up as a service to young saxophonists. I make virtually no money doing it, but every good saxophonist I know started on one of these. They really do put you on the right track as a young player. They’re also excellent altos for pros who double on alto or who want a dependable backup alto.

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 13 × 8 in


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