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Yamaha YSS-61 Soprano Good Condition Good Value 2042

The Yamaha purple logo YSS-61 is like the highly coveted YSS-62, except that it costs less, and sounds a little brighter. It has the same kind of richness and resonance that people love about the 62, but costs a lot less!

For the price of a used intermediate YSS-475, you can get a pro level 61, which is a great deal. This soprano has a mix of pads, so plan on repadding it at least partially if you want it to play its best. It is on consignment, or I would do it pre-sale myself. But it still plays pretty well on the current pads (some of which have been replaced), so just budget at least $250 to do a thorough playing condition job, and you should have a fun soprano to play, for a very reasonable price.  Mechanically, the horn is in good shape, There’s some lacquer wear from use, and from the stand, but that’s just because it is a good player and has been played.


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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 10 × 8 in


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