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Yamaha YSS-62 Soprano Early Example Great Condition Strong Player

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In many ways, this is the soprano to have among modern sopranos. Some of the most picky players I know ended up with one just like this after trying everything. And I do take returns for any reason, less shipping with no restocking fee, so buying online is pretty much risk-free.

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This is a beautiful 4-digit serial Yamaha YSS-62 Soprano saxophone. Sometimes called the ‘purple logo’ or ‘purple label’ 62, this is THE classic Yamaha soprano. The modern Yamaha 82 sopranos are basically a reissue of this, the classic 62 soprano. Why would you want to buy this? First of all, it sounds great, with a warm, full tone that is not nasal and reedy the way a Selmer Mark VI soprano is. Second, it’s easy to play, with excellent intonation and very comfortable ergonomics. Third, it is built to last with professional build quality that will last a lifetime.

This particular example is in very good condition with only a little bit of lacquer wear from use, and no past repairs. The pads are in good playing condition, having just been checked out, and should last a nice long time without needing more than the occasional checkup. The original case is in good shape also.

For those of you who are deep into Yamaha lore, this is the more desirable version of the YSS-62 that has the low C# tone hole on the top of the body (where the pad is less likely to stick). These horns always sell quickly. This really is the last soprano you ever need to buy. It just does everything well. I might like the tone on my 20’s Martin a bit better, but for intonation, ergonomics and overall playability, this is just the superior saxophone. I know so many folks who have tried everything and ended up with one of these. And this one is priced to sell, and will easily hold its value over time or go up in value.

We pay the best prices for great saxophones.


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