Yamaha YTS-82Z Custom Tenor Saxophone Near Mint Amazing D04511

$ 4,000

This Yamaha YTS-82z Custom Tenor Saxophone is about as close to new condition as it could be. It just got a careful tune up and plays just like a new one as well. This is a few years old at least, so not the 82ZII.  It’s basically impossible to tell any difference in how they play, for me at least. If you’ve been wanting a new Yamaha pro tenor and you want to save some money, but not compromise on condition, here you go. It even smells new. There are some tiny surface scratches near the neck strap hook if you look closely, and that’s really it. Intonation, ergonomics, low register response are all 10/10. You can take the tone lots of directions depending on your choice of mouthpiece and reed. If you want a tenor that just works well, responds easily, tunes well, and is easy to keep in adjustment, that’s what this is! It also holds its value well. The new price on these is getting up there!

Only one available!

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Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 9 in


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