Yamaha YTS-875B Black Lacquered Custom Tenor Saxophone Very Good Condition

$ 3,750

**This is a fantastic tenor! It is one of the most fun horns to play that is on the site right now, regardless of price. And it has THE most beautiful low register of any tenor on the stie.

This is the original YTS-875 Tenor before the EX, and it’s the darkest, fattest sounding Yamaha tenor ever. These are great. My first pro tenor was one of these as well, and I only sold it to raise the cash to start GetASax! This one was one-owner, pro-owned and very well cared for. It has good pads and plays effortlessly. These work great for any style of music, and also pair with brighter mouthpieces better than other Yamahas. You can also get a beautiful classical tone on one! So it’s kind of a do-it-all instrument. The only past repair I see is a small dent removed from the bell flare, that isn’t very noticeable. I love the way the black lacquer ones look, with the engraving cut through the finish to show the brass underneath. They’re also rare, hold their value well, and look great on stage.

Only one available!

In stock

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 9 in


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