Yanagisawa A901 Professional Alto Very Good Condition Just Setup! 230760

$ 2,350

The Yanagisawa A901 is a wonderful professional alto saxophone from Yanagisawa, that basically does everything really well. This one is in excellent condition and the pads are also in great shape. I just got it completely checked out and tuned up, and it is playing its best on pads that will last a long time without needing anything other than occasional checkups like any saxophone. The A901 is the same as the current model AWO1, which is the less expensive pro model. The two lines of Yanagisawa saxophones play basically the same, but the WO1/A901 has the regular neck octave key, single key arms on bell keys, and ‘post construction’ like most saxophones, where the posts that hold the keys are mounted on the body tube, rather than on a stiff metal rib that is then soldered to the body tube. I think this makes the 90x WOx horns play slightly with a little more of that lively feel of vibrating under the fingers, other things being equal. So not a big difference between this and he more expensive WO10.

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 13 × 8 in


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