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Yanagisawa S990 Soprano Saxophone Elimona High G RARE 181231

This soprano is something of a unicorn. I had ONE other of these many years ago, and I still miss it. I’m sorely tempted to keep this one this time around. It’s the desirable Elimona verision of the soprano, with the cool metal badge on the bell (bring this back, Yanagisawa!!), but it also has the high G key. That’s what makes it a unicorn. You might see an S880 or S990 with the Elimona badge a handful of times per year, but that plus the high G key is very uncommon. It also happens to be, in my opinion, the best playing Yanagisawa soprano made to date. The new Yanagisawa sopranos are still wonderful, and still represent the best value in the market on a new soprano, but the S990’s have a warmth and complexity that is less evident in the newer sopranos (991, WO). So you get the great Yanagisawa build quality, the dependable intonation, easy ergonomics, AND you also get a richer, more interesting tone, and the rarity factor and convienience of having a high G. That makes this soprano a no-brainer for someone I’m sure.

It is in excellent to near mint condition, with no past repairs, pads still in good shape, both necks looking great, and the nice original case as well.


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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 10 × 8 in


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