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Yanagisawa SWO1 Professional Soprano Saxophone Brand New

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The Yanagisawa S-WO1 Soprano saxophone is probably the best quality soprano saxophone that you can get new in this price range, bar none. This one is IN STOCK (not a drop ship situation) and it has been checked out, setup, and tested, and comes to you brand new and playing its best right out of the case. My first nice saxophone was a Yanagisawa, and I continue to have a strong appreciation for the quality that you get per dollar on Yanagisawa instruments. They are precision crafted in a small factory of highly skilled and fairly paid workers in Japan. All the workers can do each step of the assembly (except for engraving) and they take turns making different parts of the horn at different times of the year. That means every single person who built this is skilled enough to build an entire saxophone him or herself. I don’t know of any other maker that has as good build quality as Yanagisawa consistently delivers year in, year out. The intonation is excellent. The ergonomics are comfortable. Tone is beautiful, and you can pick almost any mouthpiece you want, to change the tone, and it will still work well. Most sopranos are much more mouthpiece-picky (I’m looking at you, Selmer). It’s really pleasant to be able to buy a brand new soprano that has been checked out by GetASax (we’re picky) and is also a bargain price. With these sopranos sold out all over the USA, this deal hard to beat! We can only get a small number of these Yanagisawa sopranos in at this price, and this is currently the only one available! The factory mouthpiece is also quite good, so you don’t even have to budget for a nicer mouthpiece. No tax outside of NC. Shipping is quite affordable. Grab it!


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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 8 × 8 in


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