Selmer Mark VI Alto 1967 Original Silver High F# Fresh Overhaul – Exceptional! 151239

$ 7,500

This silver 1967 Selmer Mark VI Alto is one of the better VI altos I’ve played. It’s probably the most in tune one I’ve ever played. Kind of amazing. It’s free blowing, not very resistant at all. Low notes just pop out effortlessly. High F# and altissimo are easy and in tune. The tone is powerful, medium between bright and dark, with a fat core to it and a lot of punch when pushed. It kind of vibrates under the fingers at FF like it really likes to project. I would play this as my main alto, even though I’m used to playing Kings on alto instead. This Selmer Mark VI creates the sound so easily that you can get more volume with the same amount of air, and it has a kind of projection that you rarely see in these. But there’s a fat, focused core to the tone that I really like. I’m using a GS New York, which is a fairly projecting mouthpiece, and it just sounds great.

I should mention – it has a factory narrow sliver of metal going across the neck octave pip that completely erases the hissing high A and makes it play with the same even timbre as G and B, and without going sharp as well. It looks like it’s all one piece and silver plated like the pip, with no sign of work. Horn was all original pads when I got it, and barely played. It’s kind of amazing. I was having to unlearn my normal lipping down of high A2 that I have to do on VI altos most of the time

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 13 × 8 in


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