Our vintage and professional saxophones have been selling quickly! Here is a list of upcoming horns. I am getting these described and added to the shop ASAP. They are available for sale now though.

Email us if you want to buy one of these at: [email protected]

*** Vintage saxophone mouthpieces: NY Meyer alto, Otto Link Reso Chamber, Slant, FL STM, Early Babbitt tenor, Selmer Soloist, the best Berg Larsens, vintage Dukoff etc. – too many to list. Email if you are looking for a great mouthpiece. Hundreds and hundreds of great mouthpieces in stock! ***


Selmer Mark VI Alto Euro 209k Original with Fresh Overhaul $5350

Selmer Mark VI Alto 141k Low A Original Lacquer Amazing $8000

Conn 10M pre-war 275k nice relacquer / silver keys Overhauled $2850 Great Value!

Selmer Mark VI Tenor 160k Original Lacquer Excellent Condition Super Clean $8350

Selmer Mark VI Tenor Original Lacquer 205k Great Deal! $6000

Selmer Mark VI Tenor 125k Mostly Gone Original Lac Several Resolders American Engraved Fresh Overhaul $5500

King Saxello Soprano Tipped Bell Bent Neck Near Pristine Silver Plate $3950

Conn Gold Art Deco 248xxx Alto Mint Overhauled Exceptional $5500

One-of-a-Kind Yanagisawa Gold Plated Solid Silver neck and Bell Alto Mint Condition Overhauled $6500

King Super 20 Tenor 382k Original Lacquer Near Mint and Overhauled! $4950

Selmer Mark VI Tenor 137k Original Lac American Engraved Good Player 1 Owner ON HOLD

Selmer Mark VI Tenor 157k Original Lac Excellent Condition Older Pads $7500

Selmer SBA Tenor Relacquer 42k American-Assembled Good player old pads $7000

Selmer Mark VI Alto 190k Original Lacquer Beautiful $7500

Selmer Mark VI Alto 90xxx Original Lacquer Overhauled Beautiful! $9500

Selmer Balanced Action Tenor 28k Original Lacquer Overhauled! PENDING

Selmer Mark VI Tenor 60k Original and Overhauled! $13500

Selmer Dorsey Alto Silver Wartime Example Unique! 28xxx $10000

Selmer SBA Baritone (very rare) Low A!!! Original Lacquer incl BAM High-tech Case $12500

Selmer Mark VI Alto 178k Original Lacquer high F# $5500

Selmer SBA Alto 39k with Matt Stohrer full mechanical overhaul plays great high F# relacquer $3750

Selmer Mark VI Tenor 56xxx “Double S” neck fresh Matt Stohrer overhaul $14500

Selmer Mark VI Alto 140xxx American Engraved Original Lacquer Beautiful $9500

Selmer Mark VI Alto Mint Original Condition 76xxx Early Medium Bow! $11000

Martin Silver Plate Curved Soprano Stencil $950

Conn Transitional Art Deco Burnished Gold NWII Alto Overhauled $4750

Yanagisawa A901 Alto Very Clean Just Serviced Plays Great! SOLD

Yanagisawa A901 Alto Near Mint Just Serviced Plays Great! SOLD

Yamaha YAS-62 (Series 1) Alto Superb Player $2350

Yamaha YAS-82Z Alto Very Good Condition plays great $3250

Yamaha YSS-61 Soprano Excellent Condition PENDING

Yanagisawa Martin T-800 Tenor Great Deal $1250 

Yanagisawa S800 Soprano Great Deal $2000

Yanagisawa S901 Special (Ishimori Setup) Soprano SOLD

Yanagisawa S880 Near Mint Elimona Soprano (My Favorite) SOLD

Yanagisawa SC-991 Soprano Excellent Condition Plays Great! $2950

Yanagisawa T992 Tenor with Solid Silver neck!! And Bronze Neck Great Player! $3450

Ishimori New Vintage Woodstone Tenor Unlacquered Near New $3750

King Saxello Orig Silver plate 71k Great Price $2750

King Super 20 Alto 367k Original Lacquer Beautiful Condition $3250

King Super 20 Tenor Very Gentle Relacquer Full Pearls Silver Neck! $3750

Conn 10M PreWar Orig Lacquer Fresh Overhaul New Case Extra Engraving $4450

Conn New Wonder II tenor 209k Lacquered Needs Overhaul Great Horn for the price $1650

Buffet R13 “Vintage” Model Bb Clarinet with extras and 2 cases $2250 Over $5k new!

Yamaha YSS-62RS Near Mint Silver Plate Soprano (very rare) $8000

SML Coleman Hawkins Special Tenor Rare (Unique?) Late Example $8000

Conn Transitional 10M Tenor 259xxx Split Bell Keys Relac Huge Potential $1900

King Zephyr Tenor Near Mint Silver Plate with High End Emilio Overhaul $2750

Conn New Wonder 1 Alto Big Player with High End Emilio Overhaul $1450

Conn 6M VIII 282xxx Original Lacquer Old Pads $1800

Selmer Series II Soprano Excellent Condition $2950

Buescher Big B Baritone 346k Project – needs Overhaul $1100

Conn Curved Soprano 64xxx to high F Rolled Tone Holes Heavily Played $1500

Buescher True Tone Sopranino Beautiful Original Silver $2850

Conn 6M VIII Alto Clean Original Lacquer orig pads, beautiful $2100

Conn NW1 Tenor Relacquered needs overhaul Great horn for the money $1200

Conn 12M Bari Repairman’s Special 298k serial Original Lac bell crushed!! Rest of horn is fine! Front F!  $1750

King Super 20 Alto 300k Full Pearls Original Lacquer Beautiful SOLD

The Martin Tenor Original Lacquer Several past Repairs Needs Rebuild SOLD

Couf Superba 1 Alto near mint original gold plate SOLD

Selmer BA Tenor 27k with aftermarket engraving Good Condition, Low Price! SOLD

Conn New Wonder II Tenor Chu Berry 211xxx Gold Plate Good Pads Big Player Clean SOLD

Gorgeous Conn Transitional Alto Original Silver SOLD

Selmer Mark VI Alto 72k Early Medium Bow! Fresh great overhaul Original Lac SOLD

Selmer Mark VII Tenor 269k Very Clean Original Condition Plays Well. SOLD

Conn 10M Pre-war Fresh High End Overhaul Beautiful Original Lacquer SOLD

Conn 6M Transitional Silver Alto 248xxx Beautiful SOLD

Selmer Series II Alto 679xxx Plays Great! Good Deal SOLD

Yamaha YAS-82Z Alto Excellent Condition plays great SOLD

Selmer Mark VI Alto 146k from 1967 Original Lacquer 1 owner SOLD

Martin Handcraft Gold Plate soprano near mint original overhauled SOLD

Selmer Super (Balanced) Action Tenor 49k Original and Overhauled SOLD


Horns Coming Soon No Photos Yet: 

Yanagisawa A901 Alto Very Clean Just Serviced Plays Great! $2000

Beaugnier Vito (French-Made) Tenor Original Lacquer Good Condition Old Pads $1350

Selmer Mark VII Tenor Old Pads Original and nice otherwise $3250

King Super 20 Alto Series II Full Pearls Fresh overhaul 339k SOLD

Conn 10M Tenor PreWar Original Lacquer Beautiful Getting a Fresh Overhaul Now $4750

Buescher True Tone Soprano 209k Original Silver Plate old (orig?) pads Great Potential $1500

Buescher Curved Soprano silver True Tone 135k to Eb old pads $1100

Conn NWII 10M Transitional Tenor Original Silver 259k Naked Lady Overhauled! $4750

Conn 10M near 100% Original Silver Plate 311k Original Pads $4000

Conn NWII / 6M Transitional Alto 247xxx Silver Plate Good Pads Ergonomic Mods $1950

Gold Plate Conn New Wonder II Tenor with MODERN keywork, custom-made $13000

Conn NW1 Alto lacquer + overhauled $1950

Yanagisawa B-901 Low A Baritone Excellent Condition SOLD

Conn New Wonder II Alto 177k “Chu Berry” Original Silver Plate Needs OH $750

Selmer Mark VI Alto 147k Original Lacquer Excellent Condition

King Super 20 Alto 323k Original Lacquer

King Super 20 Alto 333k Original Lacquer

Selmer Mark VI Soprano 300k Near Mint Original Lacquer $3950

Why do business with us? In a word, quality. Here, the goal is saxophones done right. There are lots of places to buy average saxophones. This is the place to buy an exceptional one. Selling the best saxophones means we have to be very picky about two things: We buy only the best saxophones in the first place. No junk here! We spend a lot to ensure that only the best repair work gets done on our saxophones.Read the full ‘Why Buy From Us” description here.
GetASax is located in the Raleigh, NC area. We sell mostly online, but you can come try out horns by appointment if you are in the area.
Risk-free, money back trial period is 5 days from receipt. That means you get the saxophone or accessory, you play it for up to five days, and then you keep it or send it back.Buyer pays shipping both ways.Items have to come back in the same condition as sold.
We pay good prices for good horns, and we like to buy horns in good physical condition, but that have old pads and need an overhaul. See the full page on selling your saxophone here.

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