We Pay Great Prices for Great Saxophones






Why do business with us? In a word, quality. Here, the goal is saxophones done right. There are lots of places to buy average saxophones. This is the place to buy an exceptional one. Selling the best saxophones means we have to be very picky about two things: We buy only the best saxophones in the first place. No junk here! We spend a lot to ensure that only the best repair work gets done on our saxophones. Read the full ‘Why Buy From Us” description here.

GetASax is located in the Durham, NC area in the USA. We sell mostly online, but you can come try out horns by appointment if you are in the area. Email us for details

Risk-free, money back trial period is 7 days from receipt. That means you get the saxophone or mouthpiece/accessory, you play it for up to a week, and then you keep it or send it back. No restocking fee! Send it back (in good condition) for a full refund minus shipping only. That’s hard to beat. 

We pay good prices for good horns, and we like to buy horns in good physical condition, but that have old pads and need an overhaul. See the full page on selling your saxophone here.


Our vintage and professional saxophones have been selling quickly! Here is a list of upcoming saxophones. They are available for sale now, while I am describing them.  Email if you want to buy one of these at: [email protected]

Selmer Mark VI Alto 1963 Original Lacquer Very Good Condition 107k $7950

Selmer Mark VI Alto 1974 Original Lacquer Good Condition 226k $4500

Selmer Supreme Alto New + GetASax Mini-Overhaul Plays Great! SOLD

Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1960 Factory Relacquer Very Good Condition 83k $9000

Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1960 Original Lacquer Very Good Condition Gorgeous 85k $16500

Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1964 Original Lacquer American Engraved 119k $8950

Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1974 Original Lacquer American Engraved 222k $6750

Selmer Mark VII Tenor 1979 Original Lacquer Very Good Condition 298k $4000


Buffet S1 Professional Alto Saxophone Very Good Condition $2350

Conn 10M Tenor 1940 Original Lacquer Excellent Condition Matt Stohrer Overhaul 295564 $5950

Ishimori New Vintage Tenor Dark Lacquer VL with F# Excellent Condition $4200

Yamaha YSS-875EXHG Professional Soprano Near Mint Amazing Player $4250

Yanagisawa AWO37 Solid Silver Elite Professional Alto Brand New + Setup! $10,500

Yanagisawa SCWO1 and SCWO2 Curved Soprano Necks

Ted Klum FocusTone Handcrafted Solid Silver Tenor Mouthpiece 7 Tip $1000

Ted Klum FocusTone Handcrafted Solid Silver Tenor Mouthpiece (#2) 7 Tip $1000

Ted Klum Solid Silver Otto Link Florida STM Casting Excellent! $1250

Collection of 8 modern metal Otto Links – NY, FL, ToneMaster, Regular (mostly 7 tips) $1200