Our vintage and professional saxophones have been selling quickly! Here is a list of upcoming saxophones. They are available for sale now, while I am describing them if you email me directly.  

Email if you want to buy one of these at: [email protected]


Buffet S1 Soprano Fully Featured –  Super Rare! Excellent Condition $3750

Conn New Wonder 1 Tenor Original Silver Plate + Fresh Overhaul 83824 $2450

Keilwerth SX90R Baritone Saxophone Low A Excellent Condition Nickel Plate $7350

Keilwerth SX90R Tenor Saxophone Black Nickel Excellent Condition $4950

Yanagisawa S-6 Whitehall Soprano Mark VI style Very Good Condition $1950

Selmer Balanced Action Alto Saxophone Excellent Condition Original Overhauled 24352 $7500

Selmer Mark VI Alto 163629 Original Lacquer Excellent Condition $7250

Selmer Mark VI Alto 56756 Original Lacquer Excellent Condition $11500

Selmer Mark VI Alto 201678 Original Lacquer Original Pads Very Good Condition $5450

Selmer 28605 Dorsey Alto (Radio Improved / BA Hybrid) Super Rare + Matt Stohrer Overhaul

Selmer Alto 14322 Original Gold Plate Near Mint Low Miles Matt Stohrer Overhaul

King Super 20 Alto Saxophone Original Lacquer 402601 Excellent Condition Good Pads $3950

Selmer Mark VI Tenor 77xxx Original Lacquer Very Good Condition Removed Pickup Plays Well! $11500

Conn 20M Student Alto Great First Saxophone! Plays well $600 

Conn 8M C Melody Unbelievable Condition Fresh Overhaul Original Silver Naked Lady 274636 $6500

Conn 6M VIII Alto Original Lacquer Original Pads Fresh Full Overhaul! 275649 $3450

Yamaha YTS-82Z Tenor Rare Matte Gold Lacquer Finish 1/60 Near Mint $3950

Selmer Mark VI Tenor 201167 Original Lacquer Excellent Condition $6250

Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone 257159 Original Lacquer Fresh Overhaul! $3250 

SML Rev. D Alto Saxophone Original Lacquer 11xxx Excellent Condition! $2150

Yanagisawa A991 Professional Alto Saxophone Plays Great! 301990 $2950

Conn 10M Transitional Tenor Saxophone Recent Overhaul! 258286 $3350

P Mauriat Unlacquered Tenor Saxophone PMXT 66R-UL $2850

Buffet R13 Clarinet Excellent Condition Very Clean 486914 $1950

Selmer Reference 54 Alto Excellent Condition Getting Overhauled $5950

Conn F Mezzo Soprano Saxophone Super Rare Near Mint Condition!! $7950

Yamaha YAS-475 Alto Saxophone Excellent Playing Condition $1500

Not Photographed Yet:

Keilwerth SX90R Alto Saxophone Black Nickel Very Good Condition $3850

Selmer Mark VI Alto 217k Original Lacquer Near Mint Original Pads High F# $6000

King Super 20 Tenor Saxophone 299xxx Very Good Condition Old Pads $5500

Yamaha YTS-62 Purple Logo Tenor Saxophone 1980’s Overhauled Near Mint $3850

Conn 6M VIII Alto 284xxx Original Lacquer Getting Overhauled Now

Conn Transitional Art Deco Tenor Original Silver Plate 243257 Overhauled $4950

Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Alto Black Lacquer Getting Overhauled $4350

Yanagisawa T901 Professional Tenor Saxophone Excellent Condition! $2850

SML Gold Medal 1 Tenor Original Lacquer 18k Pichard Stencil

Conn Transitional Alto Silver Art Deco 247k

Conn 10M Tenor 292k Original Lacquer Excellent Condition

Conn NW1 C melody straight neck burnished gold portrait 76k

Selmer Mark VI Tenor Original Lacquer 56k High F# Amazingly Beautiful Lacquer

Buescher Aristocrat Series 1 Alto 266k Rascher Original Silver Plate

Selmer Mark VI Baritone Original Lacquer 100k Serial Plays Well Low Bb

Selmer Series II Tenor Original Lacquer Beautiful Condition 

Selmer Mark VI Alto 190xxx Original Lacquer Very Good Condition 

Conn 6M VIII Alto 311k Original Silver Near Mint Old Pads $2650

Yamaha YTS-23 Student Tenor Older Pads $650

Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Great Pads Excellent Player $850


Why do business with us? In a word, quality. Here, the goal is saxophones done right. There are lots of places to buy average saxophones. This is the place to buy an exceptional one. Selling the best saxophones means we have to be very picky about two things: We buy only the best saxophones in the first place. No junk here! We spend a lot to ensure that only the best repair work gets done on our saxophones.Read the full ‘Why Buy From Us” description here.
GetASax is located in the Raleigh, NC area. We sell mostly online, but you can come try out horns by appointment if you are in the area.
Risk-free, money back trial period is 5 days from receipt. That means you get the saxophone or accessory, you play it for up to five days, and then you keep it or send it back. Buyer pays shipping both ways. Items have to come back in the same condition as sold. Paypal fee of 2.9% is non-refundable as of 10/2019.
We pay good prices for good horns, and we like to buy horns in good physical condition, but that have old pads and need an overhaul. See the full page on selling your saxophone here.

We Pay Great Prices for Great Saxophones