Return Policy / Payments FAQ

Return Policy

Trial period is 5 days from receipt on everything we sell. That means you get the horn/mouthpiece/accessory, you keep it for up to five days, and then you keep it or send it back. No restocking fees here. Other dealers charge up to 10% of the value of the horn!

However, PayPal now charges sellers a 3% fee that is not refunded when refunds are issued to buyers, so you will also be responsible for that PayPal fee if you pay by PayPal, Venmo, or Credit Card. If you want to pay by credit card and think you might want to return the instrument and don’t want to lose the credit card processing fee, please contact me directly for some refundable payment options. Let us know before you return something large, so we can advise you on shipping options and save you some money. Typically, you will want to reuse our packaging, as we use boxes that are better than you can get locally, and strong enough to be re-used multiple times. You pay shipping both ways, and you are responsible for returning the horn in the exact same condition as it was when it shipped out.


If you sell your saxophone through us, we will get you top dollar for your horn in a time frame that you set. And we have low consignment fees. Given how bad eBay has become for sellers, consignment is now not only much  easier but also often cheaper than using eBay in many cases. Contact us for details or email [email protected] 

What is it Worth?

Email us at [email protected] or Contact us, and we will give you a free estimate of the value of your horn in the market today.


If your well-loved saxophone is in need of repair or an overhaul, Email us at [email protected] or Contact us and we will be happy to recommend a saxophone technician.

How quickly will I get my horn? Do you ship internationally?
At GetASax, we specialize in quick shipping. We will get your horn to you ASAP, often within 3-5 days of purchase, but even overnight shipping is available. Horns ship out the day we receive payment or the next. Checks can take a bit of time to clear. International shipping is also now both very fast and usually very affordable.  Shipping to Europe, Japan, or Korea, for an alto is usually under $150, and tenor can be around the same or slightly more. I can also get you custom shipping quotes depending upon the situation (multiple horns in one purchase, or a horn and a new case etc). We are experienced at international shipping and have never had a package get lost.

Is it risky to buy a saxophone from you?
There is little to no risk. This business lives or dies on its reputation. We will ship you the horn as described and it will be in great playing shape. We give full refunds for returns if you are unhappy with the horn for any reason (see note above about credit card/ PayPal fees). If a horn is damaged in shipping to you, we will pay to repair it at our discretion or refund you. See our return policy.

How can I pay for my saxophone?
Buying your horn is a personal process, so when you pay, please take the following concerns into consideration. In order to keep our costs low, please consider using a payment method that does not charge us a 3-4% fee, as these fees can run into the hundreds on the high-end horns. We accept Venmo, cashier’s check, money order, personal check, and bank wire.

Wise (Formerly TransferWise)) is a great option for non-USA buyers that saves both you and us money. (Better exchange rate and fees for you, lower transfer fees for us.) We also happily accept PayPal and credit cards. If you’re international, give a look. When I buy internationally, I almost always use it, as it saves me about 4% compared to PayPal and 2% compared to bank wire. It also saves the seller another few percent typically. There are hoops to jump through, confirming your identity before you can send your first large payment.

Can you find a specific make/model of horn for me?
Email [email protected] or contact us through the contact form and we will do our very best!

Can I sell/trade my saxophone to you?
If your saxophone is one that we are interested in, we will make you our best offer for it. See the following link Sell your horn!

I am interested in buying a student line saxophone. Do you have any?
Please see our guide: Buying a saxophone for your student and contact us. We may have something to sell that is not on the site.