Soprano saxophones for sale

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  • Buescher True Tone C Soprano Rare Original Gold Plate! Old Pads 86473

    $ 2,150
  • Buescher True Tone Soprano Original Gold Plate Overhauled 183067

    $ 3,350

    Beautiful original satin gold plate Buescher True Tone soprano saxophone! This is one of the desirable later versions of the True Tone and plays really nicely in tune with a warm, round tone. You won’t go wrong with this soprano. It has a recent overhaul done by one of the best repairmen in Canada and it is in quite good shape. It had a couple of posts resoldered – one at the top of the upper stack and one under the pinky table. These posts always seem to be resoldered on Buescher sopranos. I think they just pop off and have to be stuck back on, on most of these. The gold plate is in great shape. The tone is unlike anything you can buy today – the True Tone is not thin and nasal like a Selmer Mark VI. It’s much more balanced, pleasant, and dare-I-say ‘modern’ sounding! Only one available!

  • Conn New Wonder I ‘Chu Berry’ Soprano Saxophone 1924 Original Nickel Plate 139494

    $ 1,100
  • Holton Soprano Saxophone Original Silver Plate Great Deal 17402

    $ 1,000
  • Sold Out

    King Original Gold Plate Soprano Saxophone Beautiful Engraving 56362

    This is an original gold plated King soprano from about 1922.  The engraving is exquisite, as it usually is on gold plated King saxophones, and the horn itself is in very good physical condition.  Keyed to high Eb, it currently plays ok on old pads, and the tone is very warm and pleasant. As is typical with sopranos of this age, the intonation is pretty flexible, but given a good ear and voicing it is entirely possible to play in tune- just don’t expect this to do the job for you like a modern Yamaha or Yanagisawa!  The trade-off is, as it usually is in my experience, richness of tone for flexibility of intonation, although a large chamber soprano mouthpiece (like a vintage Buescher) will make the job a lot easier. I was playtesting this on a modern Yanagisawa piece though and enjoyed it quite a bit, without any notable intonational problems for me personally.  This is from a collection and has old pads. But just the gold plate is worth the entire price of the horn. It’s a super deal. You could easily find this priced double somewhere else. Includes the nice Buescher soprano mouthpiece in the photos!

    The original case for this instrument is in good condition and fits it very well. 

  • King Soprano Saxophone Gold Plate Fresh Overhaul Amazing! 99847

    $ 3,600

    Just freshly overhauled!! This got a full restoration, so it’s back to like new mechanical condition.This is the vintage soprano you should get!

    This amazing gold plated King soprano saxophone will blow the walls down. It is in excellent condition, with nearly all the original gold plate intact. It has just received a full overhaul and restoration, which is not a small job on a 90 year old instrument. It is now back in like-new playing condition and ready to make music for many many years to come.

    King sopranos are rare, and were only made in low pitch (regular concert pitch). They tune nicely, and have a big, warm, medium-focused tone that is less polite sounding than a Buescher, and really fills a room with ease. This example in gold plate and in such amazingly good condition is extremely rare. The great depression in 1929 spelled the end of most of the saxophone market, and marked the end of most makers building sopranos in any kind of quantities. So it’s not surprising that you don’t see a King soprano later than this serial. This is one of the very last ones made, and the latest serial I have seen. The later the better is my motto on vintage sopranos generally speaking, so getting a late one also in gold plate is really exceptional.

    Only one available!

  • Sold Out

    Rampone and Cazzani GOLD Plated R1 Jazz Curved Soprano Saxophone Excellent Condition

    $ 3,850
  • Soprano Brilhart Reproduction 3-Band Ligature Hard Rubber Mouthpieces

    $ 165

    For Hard Rubber Soprano mouthpieces. This fits everything including vintage Buescher and Conn, Meyer, Selmer Soloist, Selmer S80, Yanagisawa, Vandoren, and virtually all of the boutique soprano mouthpieces.

    As an added bonus, this EchoMaster ligature also fits metal Dukoff alto mouthpieces like Dukoff Miami alto saxophone mouthpieces perfectly!

    There’s a reason why the vintage Brilhart 3-Band ligatures have been singled out by the market (players) as by far the most desirable vintage ligatures. They are great ligatures! But there will never be enough vintage Brilhart ligatures to meet the high demand for this style of ligature. And never before has there been a Soprano ligature available! (Brilhart only made alto and tenor.) This is an amazing ligature and also fits almost every soprano hard rubber mouthpiece ever made.

  • Sold Out

    Yamaha YSS-62R Soprano Saxophone 3-Digit 631 Original Rare!

    $ 4,650

    Freshly overhauled June 2020. Photos coming soon.

    Fantastic price on a beautiful and EARLY Yamaha 62R soprano! These are just about the most desirable modern sopranos, period. It has a mix of pads, mostly older, and it had a minor crease removed from the bell flare. It plays well on the current pads, and it’s the more desirable early version with low C# on ‘top’. Usually, I sell the 3-digit serial 62R’s about $1k higher than this, but I priced this one to be a deal for someone! There’s a little scrape on the pinky table keys, but not anything seriousl – just purely cosmetic. It’s a very good example and has almost all its original lacquer intact. Original case is in good shape too!

    The 62R is prized for its warm, complex tone, excellent ergonomics and excellent intonation. If you want a warmer sounding soprano that isn’t just clear and round, but has some complexity and character to the sound, that’s the 62R. Also, the one piece body means you get full resonance – no neck socket to potentially cause you neck-fit problems. And the bent neck design puts the horn’s weight down onto the strap hook without your having to hold the horn straight out with your thumb. It’s super comfortable to play. I love these horns, and I totally get why they hold their value so well and keep getting more and more desirable.

    Only one available!

  • Yanagisawa Curved Soprano SC-991 Excellent Condition

    $ 2,950
  • Yanagisawa SC-9930 Curved Soprano Saxophone with High G! Rare

    $ 4,150

    For those of you who love to have the best and rarest at the same time, here is my favorite vintage of curved soprano ever made, the Yanagisawa SC-991, but this is in the solid silver neck and body tube version, which is SC-9930, AND it is one of the rare ones that came with the high G key included. This is the first one like this that I have seen, and it’s cool in a nerdy kind of way to have such a rare and fabulous example. You can order a new SC-9930 for $6730, but your extra $$$ won’t get you the high G! Nor will it be the warmer, fuller-sounding version from the 90’s like this with the bell keys on the left. My personal soprano is one just like this but brass, and I think it sounds better than the right hand bell keys version at least by a little bit. I also like the more direct action that you get with the pinky keys on the left hand bell key configuration. We’re splitting hairs here, but hey, if you’re in the rarified territory of exceptional curved sopranos, then maybe that’s your thing too.

    Condition wise, this SC-9930 is in very good shape, with no significant past repairs or current problems at all. I have not spent any money on pad work yet, as I’m trying to keep the price as low as possible, and the horn plays fine on current pads. I would like to sell it a little higher and spend maybe $250 on a thorough setup, so you can have that as an optional extra if you want.

    Original case and mouthpiece are in good shape as well. There is most certainly only one of these available!