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    Buescher True Tone Original Gold Plate Bb Soprano Saxophone 131668

    $ 1,600

    This is a beautiful original vintage Buescher True Tone Bb Soprano saxophone. It has almost all of its original gold plate finish intact. (Real gold, not gold lacquer.) Gold is a durable and protective finish, and with a gentle hand polish, this soprano can look virtually brand new again! It’s sold needing an overhaul, and it would be ideal if you want your own repair shop to work on it anyway, or if you’re a repair person who would like a very satisfying overhaul to do. The overhaul adds a lot of value in this case, so you shouldn’t lose money on the prospect either. There are no dents or dings, and I don’t see any evidence of past repairs either, which is remarkable. You’ll probably need to spend a few bucks on new rollers, which can be ordered here. This soprano is NICE!

    The great thing about True Tone sopranos, is that they tune really well, even with many modern mouthpieces, and the tone is round, velvety warm, and complex. Bottom line is that people will actually enjoy listening to the tone of this soprano, where many other sopranos tend to be too bright and reedy (I’m looking at you, Selmer.)

    Only one available!

  • Conn NWII Soprano Burnished Gold w/ Train Portrait Plays Great! 184812

    $ 4,000

    You never see burnished Conn sopranos with portrait. This one has a train, which I find extremely delightful. This was also recently overhauled and plays well on the current, newish pads. No significant damage. Original gold plate. Conn case is from the right vintage but not original, I think, because the gold ones always had green velvet instead of purple. I’ve only seen one other portrait soprano like this, and it had an owl on it and sold in 1 day.

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    Couf Superba 1 Soprano Saxophone Excellent Condition 81332

    $ 2,750

    This is a gorgeous, Grover Washington Jr era Couf Superba 1 soprano saxophone in excellent condition. You won’t find a nicer example. The original lacquer is almost entirely present, and there is no current or past damage at all. No dents or dings or resolders. Bell flare looks great. Everything is supe clean on it. The Superba 1 is the soprano to get if you want modern(ish) keywork but a fat, dark tone that sounds different from everything else. It also has good intonation and very comfy ergonomics. The pads on this one are original, so plan on a repad pretty soon. It has high F#, and the original case and mouthpiece are also included. My assistant picked out one of these to be his personal soprano too, out of all the horns that have come through the shop. They’re hard to beat, and sound great with a bright mouthpiece, as the dark, fat core tone of the horn doesn’t thin out with a brighter, more projecting mouthpiece. This makes it ideal for jazz, commercial, R&B, etc.

    Only one available!

  • Keilwerth SX-90 Soprano Near Mint, Good Pads, Plus Dumars Engraving 116155

    $ 3,250
  • Lyon and Healy Bb Soprano Original Silver 200211

    $ 850

    Lyon and Healy branded straight Bb soprano saxophone from 1928 or so. Who actually manufactured this is disputed, as Couturier (the usual name) was both a cornet manufacturer, and also was not actually involved in making this saxophone (having retired in 1923). But the quickest way to find them is to look for Lyon and Healy Couturier saxophones.

  • Martin Handcraft Soprano Beautiful Original Silver 83569 Serial Late Example!

    $ 2,250
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    Martin Handcraft Soprano Near Mint Original Silver + Fresh Overhaul 78936

    $ 3,950

    This Martin Handcraft soprano is EXCELLENT! It’s awesome. Ask experienced repair shops what their favorite sopranos of all time are, and see if you don’t hear Martin Handcraft mentioned more than anything else! That’s been my experience.  If I didn’t already have a gold one that I play, I would 100% be keeping this one. It just got a complete overhaul and careful hand polish, and it could hardly be in nicer condition. Pisoni Italian leather pads and medium sized metal resonators complete the package. This is primo!

  • Martin Handcraft Soprano Original Silver Plate Old Pads Excellent 67718

    $ 2,000
  • Selmer Mark VI Sopranino 5-digit RARE Original Lacquer Excellent! 98569

    $ 8,250

    This is an incredibly rare 5-digit Selmer Mark VI Sopranino saxophone. Serial 98569, close to Coltrane’s famous VI soprano. Original lacquer at about 98% intact; extremely clean condition with no damage and no past repairs. Original case is great as well. I may have this significantly underpriced. A 5-digit Mark VI soprano of this serial would sell much higher. In any case, it’s the ultimate sopranino saxophone. This is the only 5-digit sopranino I’ve had in the history of GetASax, so there is most certainly only one available!

  • Soprano Brilhart Reproduction 3-Band Ligature Hard Rubber Mouthpieces

    $ 165

    For Hard Rubber Soprano mouthpieces. This fits everything including vintage Buescher and Conn, Meyer, Selmer Soloist, Selmer S80, Yanagisawa, Vandoren, and virtually all of the boutique soprano mouthpieces.

    As an added bonus, this EchoMaster ligature also fits metal Dukoff alto mouthpieces like Dukoff Miami alto saxophone mouthpieces perfectly!

    There’s a reason why the vintage Brilhart 3-Band ligatures have been singled out by the market (players) as by far the most desirable vintage ligatures. They are great ligatures! But there will never be enough vintage Brilhart ligatures to meet the high demand for this style of ligature. And never before has there been a Soprano ligature available! (Brilhart only made alto and tenor.) This is an amazing ligature and also fits almost every soprano hard rubber mouthpiece ever made.

  • Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone

    Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone – In stock now!

    $ 799

    September Inventory Update: Two in stock!

    The Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone is a new kind of digital saxophone. It is more like a real saxophone than any digital saxophone that has come before, because it has regular saxophone keywork. So unlike an EWI 4000S, 5000, or a WX5, you don’t have to switch to a different keywork feel in order to play the digital saxophone anymore.

    This is going to be huge for people who want to practice saxophone quietly rather than people who just want a midi or digital interface sax. You can practice with headphones on and not bother your neighbors at all hours. Or play it quietly on one of the 15 volume settings. The Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone also works fine as a digital input into whatever sound processing software that you want to use. But it feels more like a regular saxophone under the fingers. I’ve been having fun with digital saxophones ever since the Casio DH-100, and I think like the Casio, this Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone will probably become an instant classic of its genre for the same reason – it feels more like an actual saxophone to play than any similar option.

    In brief (more below) are the main features of the Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone that you might care about:

    1. The Yamaha Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone has a speaker in the brass bell, so that the sound you generate vibrates the instrument’s body tube. As you play louder, you feel more resonance.
    2. The Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone has a regular saxophone mouthpiece (basically a repurposed Yamaha 4C soprano piece) and even a ‘reed’ so that it feels like a saxophone in your mouth also. The reed doesn’t vibrate though! You can even swap out the Yamaha mouthpiece for your own mouthpiece, as long as it has a similar bore to a 4C, though this won’t do much to the tone if anything. It might make it feel a little more like ‘home’ to you.
    3. The Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone has an advanced breath sensor that responds instantly to small changes in breath support by changing the tone that you generate. Again, you see the theme – feels a bit more like a saxophone to play.
    4. The sound it generates is actual sound samples taken from real Yamaha saxophones. You can switch among Yamaha soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone tones on your Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone. It’s a pretty good idea, thought it still sounds like a midi sax to me. The bari sax model is actually pretty good though.
    5. There’s an app that lets you further modify and control the tone you get from the Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone. The app is actually quite good! And you can also input the sound from your Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone into Ableton or Garageband or ProTools or whatever you like and modify it there, or even run the output into analog or digital pedals, like in our saxophone looping video here.
    6. Interestingly it’s keyed from high F# down to low A so you can use it as a baritone model! And the tuning is adjustable within 5 hz so you can play with a flat piano or in different temperatures with acoustic instruments whose tuning changes with changing weather etc. Not a bad idea!

    Shortcomings of the YDS-150 are as follows:

    1. It’s a bit awkward changing notes with the digital switches on the keys versus the analog feel of a real sax.
    2. Similarly, starting and stopping notes with breath is different from how you articulate them on a real sax. So playing four quarter notes staccato requires you to learn habits that don’t transfer to sax.
    3. Reed doesn’t vibrate, so it doesn’t really feel like a saxophone to play.
    4. Saxophone sound samples don’t sound all that much like a saxophone. See our A/B comparison video for comparison of a Yamaha custom alto vs the YDS-150 alto sound model.
    5. No vibrato or control of tone with embouchure – breath only.

    I’ll put more Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone details and some review videos and sound clips in the long description below, so scroll down for the additional info! And for only $799, it’s not bad even just as a tool to get some late night practice time in.

  • Yamaha YSS-61 Soprano Good Condition Good Value 2042

    $ 2,150
  • Yamaha YSS-62 Soprano Purple Logo Near Mint Fresh Repad 2129

    $ 4,150

    This is just about the best YSS-62 that you could hope to find. It’s in near mint condition, with original lacquer almost perfect. No past damage at all. No repairs, and it just got a fresh overhaul, so the 40 year old Yamaha pads (which were dried out but not worn) are all replaced and the soprano is playing its best. If you want the warm, rich, pleasant tone of a Yamaha 62 (probably the most popular soprano made in the last 50 years), and you want a time capsule example that looks new, then that’s what this is. It’s a bargain at this price. You’d pay more for a new YSS-82Z, which is just a copy of the 62 anyway. This is a top pick for me among sopranos. Buy with confidence! You won’t be disappointed.

  • YSS82ZRSSopranoStockPhotos-3

    Yamaha YSS-82ZRS Soprano Saxophone One Piece Bent Neck Silver Plate! BRAND NEW

    $ 4,950

    Available new by special order anytime. Email me at [email protected] to order. The Yamaha YSS-62R and 62RS are the most desirable vintage sopranos pretty much. Yamaha made an upgraded reissue of this soprano, with improved keywork but the same bore. It’s simply the best.

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    Yanagisawa S990 Soprano Saxophone Elimona High G RARE 181231

    $ 3,750

    This soprano is something of a unicorn. I had ONE other of these many years ago, and I still miss it. I’m sorely tempted to keep this one this time around. It’s the desirable Elimona verision of the soprano, with the cool metal badge on the bell (bring this back, Yanagisawa!!), but it also has the high G key. That’s what makes it a unicorn. You might see an S880 or S990 with the Elimona badge a handful of times per year, but that plus the high G key is very uncommon. It also happens to be, in my opinion, the best playing Yanagisawa soprano made to date. The new Yanagisawa sopranos are still wonderful, and still represent the best value in the market on a new soprano, but the S990’s have a warmth and complexity that is less evident in the newer sopranos (991, WO). So you get the great Yanagisawa build quality, the dependable intonation, easy ergonomics, AND you also get a richer, more interesting tone, and the rarity factor and convienience of having a high G. That makes this soprano a no-brainer for someone I’m sure.

    It is in excellent to near mint condition, with no past repairs, pads still in good shape, both necks looking great, and the nice original case as well.

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    Yanagisawa SC800 Curved Soprano Martin Stencil Very Good Condition 106141

    $ 1,400

    Beautiful Yanagisawa SC800 curved soprano saxophone in very good original condition. This has original pads from the 80’s and has the older style keywork (VI style palm keys etc), but tunes quite well. It needs new pads soon, which will be an easy job, because this horn is in excellent condition. I rarely have any curved soprano, let alone a Yanagisawa that is priced this low. Get it while you can!

    Only one available!

  • Yanagisawa SC991S Curved Soprano Near Mint Original Silver Plate Rare!

    $ 3,650
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    Yanagisawa SWO1 Professional Soprano Saxophone Brand New

    $ 3,750

    Backordered, email to reserve.

    The Yanagisawa S-WO1 Soprano saxophone is probably the best quality soprano saxophone that you can get new in this price range, bar none. This one is IN STOCK (not a drop ship situation) and it has been checked out, setup, and tested, and comes to you brand new and playing its best right out of the case. My first nice saxophone was a Yanagisawa, and I continue to have a strong appreciation for the quality that you get per dollar on Yanagisawa instruments. They are precision crafted in a small factory of highly skilled and fairly paid workers in Japan. All the workers can do each step of the assembly (except for engraving) and they take turns making different parts of the horn at different times of the year. That means every single person who built this is skilled enough to build an entire saxophone him or herself. I don’t know of any other maker that has as good build quality as Yanagisawa consistently delivers year in, year out. The intonation is excellent. The ergonomics are comfortable. Tone is beautiful, and you can pick almost any mouthpiece you want, to change the tone, and it will still work well. Most sopranos are much more mouthpiece-picky (I’m looking at you, Selmer). It’s really pleasant to be able to buy a brand new soprano that has been checked out by GetASax (we’re picky) and is also a bargain price. With these sopranos sold out all over the USA, this deal hard to beat! We can only get a small number of these Yanagisawa sopranos in at this price, and this is currently the only one available! The factory mouthpiece is also quite good, so you don’t even have to budget for a nicer mouthpiece. No tax outside of NC. Shipping is quite affordable. Grab it!