Yamaha YSS-62 Purple Logo Soprano Saxophone Great Deal! 10884

$ 3,150

This is a great deal on an original lacquer Yamaha YSS-62 ‘Purple Logo’ soprano saxophone. This Yamaha 62 soprano sax has some regular ‘honest wear’ from use, with some scratches, but it is in nice condition besides that, and it is priced low to sell quickly. This one is on consignment, so I haven’t gotten it completely overhauled as I often do on Yamaha 62 sopranos. They are easy to work on, and your local repairer will be excited to overhaul this one for you. The original pads are from the early 1980’s so it’s definitely time to replace them. However, the price is so low that you can get that done and still come out way ahead of either an overhauled YSS-62 or a new YSS-82 (which is basically a reissue of the 62). The 62 is the most popular modern soprano saxophone for sure. No other soprano from 40 years ago retains nearly the number of enthusiastic follwers. The reason is simple – it has a rich, warm, interesting tone, modern keywork, and it plays in tune. That’s actually asking a lot of a soprano saxophone, which is proverbially difficult to play in tune. The Yamaha doesn’t make it effortless, but it takes away most of the effort, and a decent mouthpiece can get you much of the rest of the way there. Whether you’re playing this at church, with an R&B band, or in a classical saxophone quartet, you’ll sound great on this horn. Only one available!

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 11 × 11 in


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