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  • Buescher 400 Top Hat and Cane Tenor Relacquered Looks Original 345356

    $ 2,950
  • Conn 22M Tenor Saxophone Big Conn Sound Great Deal! 4233717

    $ 859
  • Conn Transitional NWII / 10M Tenor 1930 New Keywork 243217 Fresh Overhaul!

    $ 5,950

    Unlacquered 1930 Conn transitional tenor which has had modern keywork painstakingly fit to the old body tube. This is my favorite vintage of Conn for tone. If you’ve ever wanted a Conn tone without sacrificing key feel to play the 30’s keywork, this is one of those rare chances to do it. The horn is also gorgeous. I like that they picked a really clean, beautiful example to use as the shell for the overhaul.

    Keywork was fitted by a shop in Canada, and then the horn was thoroughly setup (basically overhauled ~$1650) and perfected by Aaron Barnard in Iowa. It plays GREAT!

    Only one available!

  • GS Mark II Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

    GS Mark II Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece – Modern, Crisp, Effortless

    $ 199

    GS Mark II Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Freddie Gregory Super Deluxe Mark II Copy

    This piece is clean, balanced, effortless to play, including low register and altissimo, with a medium chamber and a moderate baffle that gives it moderate brightness without getting brittle or nasal. It’s a great all-purpose tenor mouthpiece with a modern sound.

    *Demo videos and detailed info below with the GS Mark II on a Selmer Mark VI, Conn 30M, and King Super 20. 

    The GS Mark II tenor saxophone mouthpiece is an extremely precise copy of my favorite Freddie Gregory Super Deluxe Mark II tenor mouthpiece.

    What is this?

    Many players may not know much about Freddie Gregory’s Super Deluxe mouthpieces. That’s not a big surprise, as Freddie did not make that many of them, and the ones he did make are mostly still in the hands of their original owners. The few that have come up for sale over the last 5 years that I’ve seen have been priced way out of the reach of most players– typically $2400-$4000– for a mouthpiece! Which is nuts, but those who know these mouthpieces REALLY seem to be willing to pay to get one. And sadly, since Freddie died ten years ago, no more of these are available.

    The Super Deluxe model was entirely designed and made by Freddie. It was sold in four variations on the same design: Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, and Mark IV. They all have a good amount of projection, but the Mark I is darkest and the Mark IV is brightest.

    The Mark II is bright and projecting but not too bright, and it seems to be one of the most popular ones of these. The chamber is medium rather than large, which adds to the projection. The shank is long, so you can pull out on vintage horns. The Mark II sounds great on Selmers and on modern tenors like Yamaha and P Mauriat. It gives them a lot of extra character and complexity.

    The Mark II is nothing like an Otto Link, so if you’re wanting a Link-on-steriods or whatever, checkout the upcoming GS SUPERSONIC, which does just that sort of thing. The Mark II is a different beast, all its own thing.

    And for only $199 including hand facing, I hope that lots of players can enjoy this amazing and rare mouthpiece! It’s hard to beat.

  • GS RESO Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece – Dark, Spread, Lush

    $ 199


    Otto Link Reso Chamber Tenor Mouthpiece

    Thanks a lot for all the kind words in the reviews about the GS RESO! They’re now being played by pros all over the world. The FG SPECIAL 7* is a copy of my favorite personal vintage tenor mouthpiece and is a really good choice for an all-purpose vintage mouthpiece that just works for all kinds of playing. The variable tip RESO (every other facing incl regular 7*) is slightly darker and has a lush, warm, gorgeous tone

    See long description below for all the details and check the GetASax Youtube Channel for lots of videos, including our new RESO vs SLANT comparison video.

    • All GS Mouthpieces are completely hand faced (table also flattened) and the facing checked at 10 points plus the tip. I only sell ones that have a correct facing, so there are no ‘bad ones,’ once you find the right tip opening for you.
    • The GS RESO FG Special 7* facing is an extremely precise copy of my favorite vintage Otto Link Reso Chamber tenor mouthpiece, which was also refaced by Freddie Gregory.
    • We also scanned, modeled, and copied a second fabulous Otto Link Reso Chamber from my collection – a an original 5 tip J.A. facing mouthpiece that had not been refaced.
    • If you buy the FG Special 7*, you get a copy of my refaced Reso Chamber, which plays dark and fat and really does the old school tenor sound well.
    • If you buy any other variation including regular 7* (not FG), you are getting the model copying the original facing Reso Chamber, which has been digitally ‘opened up’ (wider tip opening, baffle moved and slightly modified) to each authentic Otto Link tip opening. They get slightly brighter at larger tips, just like a Link, and the mouthpiece gets shorter a little (also just like a Link being faced on a machine at the factory). We can do this without creating a massive artificial baffle (you mouthpiece geeks know what I mean.)
    • The facings are either Link facings I copied from favorite mouthpieces in my collection, or facings I think are better than whatever my favorite Link facing is. You won’t pick a bad facing. The JA 5 is very free blowing and takes air surprisingly well. It would be hard to beat if you want a top quality small tip tenor piece.

    2 years in, I can say that people have been REALLY happy with their GS RESO mouthpieces. It’s a fantastic mouthpiece at any price, and under $200 hand faced, it’s pretty hard to beat.

  • GS SLANT Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece – Classic, Balanced, Beautiful

    $ 199

    GS SLANT Otto Link Florida Slant Signature Tone Edge Replica Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

    If you’re wanting a classic, all-purpose tenor mouthpiece for jazz, it’s hard to beat the GS SLANT. If you’re a new jazz player coming from a Yamaha 4C or S80 C*, and you don’t want to completely change your embouchure, consider the SLANT in a 5* or 6 tip. It’s a great way to get into jazz tenor tone without feeling out of control. If you’re used to a larger tip, and you’re not sure what to get, it’s hard to go wrong with the SLANT 7*. We have lots of SLANT videos with HiFi audio on the GetASax Youtube channel.

    GS SLANT is an extremely precise copy of my BEST vintage Otto Link Slant Tenor mouthpiece. More precisely, it’s a copy of an original facing 7* Florida Slant Signature Otto Link Tone Edge tenor mouthpiece in perfect original condition.

    This is the version of the ‘Slant’ that nearly everybody wants. It’s the most iconic and desirable hard rubber tenor mouthpiece ever made. When I hear people describing their ideal tenor tone online, it’s most frequently a description of what a good vintage Otto Link Slant sounds like: Dark and powerful, with a good amount of focus and projection. Brightens up and projects when pushed, but never thins out. Super even across all registers. Tunes great on almost any saxophone vintage or modern. That’s what the GS SLANT gives you, for about 1/10th the cost of a comparable original vintage Otto Link Slant Tone Edge tenor saxophone mouthpiece.

    Compared to the GS RESO, the GS SLANT is a little brighter and punchier (but not too bright), and more focused (though still warm and full). It has an instantly recognizable 50’s-60’s jazz tenor tone. See below for the GS SLANT vs Vintage Slant A/B video.

    If you’re a pro looking for the best do-it-all jazz tenor mouthpiece for an affordable price, I think you’d be hard pressed to beat the GS SLANT. It really captures the magic of the original mouthpiece, and that is saying a lot. It’s the only Slant copy I’ve seen that exactly copies a vintage Slant. Even upgrading to a vintage Link Slant at 8x the price wouldn’t actually sound better! And if you’re an amateur or younger player looking for your first good mouthpiece, this gives you the chance to jump right to an excellent mouthpiece that is completely hand faced, without messing with a bunch of machine faced intermediate mouthpieces.

    To read all about GetASax.com’s very own mouthpiece project, visit: GS Mouthpieces (main page) The big idea here is to let you experience the magic of the best mouthpieces I have ever played, for a price that makes them widely accessible for the first time.

  • Ishimori Wood Stone New Vintage Tenor Saxophone WST-AF with F# Antique Finish NEW

    $ 4,700

    Back in stock September 2023!  These are hard to keep in stock, but I will do my best to keep one around. Every Ishimori saxophone gets a new horn checkup, to make sure that it’s in perfect playing condition before it ships to you!

    One of the most lauded modern horns by people who like vintage horns. This is the Ishimori Wood Stone New Vintage tenor in Antique Finish (patinated bare brass) and the dark lacquer version is here: https://www.getasax.com/product/ishimori-woodstone-new-with-dark-lacquer-tenor-saxophone/ Ishimori has long been Japan’s premiere saxophone repair shop. This tenor is their attempt to bring their repair expertise to bear on saxophone design. This horn has a bore and design aesthetic reminiscent of a Selmer Super (Balanced) Action, even down to the engraving and keywork styling. But as a modern horn, it hasn’t seen decades of playing and repairs. It also comes with a good setup done by Ishimori pre-sale. This is the unlacquered version of the Ishimori Wood Stone New Vintage tenor, with beautiful Selmer SBA style hand engraving. These are popular saxophones, but I’ll try to keep one in stock if possible! Ishimori is Japan’s premiere saxophone repair shop, and Mr. Ishimori has been designing, building, and repairing saxophones for many decades.

    These tenors not only sound great, but they stand out from the crowd with their excellent new horn setup done in the Ishimori workshop. The Ishimori New Vintage tenors hold up extremely well over time, and every detail of construction and assembly is optimized for ease of play. The tone on this Ishimori tenor is meant to remind you of a vintage Selmer – to my ear, it plays like a late SBA – not as loud and wide open as some Mark VI’s, but more focused than earlier Selmers also. The neck and the engraving are meant to evoke the Selmer Super Balanced Action, so I suspect that the neck is an SBA bore. The tuning is excellent. This body tube is designed to have the high F# tone hole present, so it tunes well with the high F#, and that’s also just a convenient feature. The finish is a stable patina applied to the bare brass. While it will continue to change in appearance somewhat, it will basically look like this. You get the bare brass finish plus a great unique look to the horn that ages well – much nicer than the completely shiny unlacquered finish that Yamaha does. This looks really classy.

    Ishimori New Vintage tenors play so effortlessly, they sell themselves. Every time one comes in the shop, it sells almost immediately. There’s one in stock at the moment! Get it now!

    See below for our videos on the Ishimori New Vintage Tenor featuring some sound samples on a range of mouthpieces, and an unboxing video.



  • Sold Out

    Ishimori Wood Stone New Vintage Tenor Saxophone WST-VL with F# Dark Lacquer NEW

    $ 4,700

    Available now! These are hard to keep in stock, but I’m going to try my best to order them in advance to keep one around. 

    See below for some sound samples and an unboxing video.

    This is a highly-desirable Ishimori Wood Stone New Vintage tenor saxophone. This one is in beautiful Dark Lacquer (Vintage Lacquer, they call it, or VL for short).

    Ishimori New Vintage tenors play so effortlessly, they sell themselves. Every time one comes in the shop, it sells almost immediately. I have one in stock coming next week. Get it now!

    See below for some sound samples on a range of mouthpieces, and an unboxing video.

  • King SilverSonic Tenor Solid Silver Neck and Bell 433140 Very Good Condition

    $ 4,950

    This is a very early Eastlake King Super 20 SilverSonic tenor saxophone with solid silver neck and solid silver bell. It plays reasonably well on older pads and comes with the original case in good condition. Many players love the early Eastlakes for their huge, powerful tone and comfortable keywork. They’re also priced a lot lower than a typical Cleveland SilverSonic (despite the early Eastlakes being the exact same horn). If you want to get into a beautiful vintage professional King Silversonic tenor that doesn’t break the bank, this would be an excellent option.

  • King SilverSonic Tenor with Full Pearls and Gold in the Engraving Special Order Fresh Overhaul! 406210

    $ 10,500

    This is an amazing King SilverSonic Tenor with full pearls on the side and palm keys, but with a later serial than you normally see for full pearls. Basically, this was a factory special order with the pearls – one of a handful that I have seen over the years. It has the solid silver neck and bell, the gold in the engraving on the bell, and it has a complete mechanical overhaul done by Aaron Barnard of Barnard Repair in Iowa (who does great work!). This horn had been played a lot, and it had several dings removed from the neck (which now looks great). It has the distinction of being the loudest, wildest sounding SilverSonic that I have ever played. It really goes to 11. It just blasts, and even at low volumes it feels powerful and saturated. You will absolutely fall in love with this tenor. It gets my coveted ‘exceptionally fine player’ distinction. It comes in the beautiful original case as well. Priced on the high side, but the full pearls ones always demand a premium, and this late serial full pearls is extremely rare. Only one available!

  • King Super 20 Tenor 1953 Full Pearls Amazing Condition Original Pads 331197

    $ 7,500
  • King Super 20 Tenor 1974 Eastlake Old Pads Great Deal! 510174

    $ 1,750

    Great deal on a pro tenor at an affordable price. This is an Eastlake King Super 20 with single socket neck, and it will blow the walls down. It has old pads and the lacquer is likely not original (but could be original, as the later ones look like this sometimes). It needs a complete overhaul right now in order to be able to play it. So you should budget (in the USA) around $1000 on top of the purchase price in order to get it all ready to make music. It is, however, a fantastic deal as is. It also has a musty smell so you would probably want a new case, or you can use a combination of sunlight and enzymatic cleaner etc to deodorize it. The smell will disappear from the sax when the pads are removed and the horn is washed and degreased in the overhaul process. But it’s priced to move, and you’ll be getting a ton of horn with modern-ish keywork, and the unbeatable King tone and projection for a bargain price.

  • Martin Home Model Unbelievable Condition! C Melody Simplified Collectible!

    $ 1,000
  • Nexus Select Tenor Near Mint 0054

    $ 4,929

  • Sold Out

    Selmer Balanced Action Tenor 1940 Silver Replate Extra Engraving Amazing Player 29738

    $ 7,850

    This is an awesome player for a very reasonable price for a prime serial range Selmer Balanced Action Tenor saxophone from 1939. My favorite vintage Selmers overall are the BA tenors, and my personal BA is a 29k serial just like this. This one is replated, and it has lots of extra engraving added to the bell showing the most famous building in Madrid. The tone is the main reason to buy this sax. Checkout the sound sample of Tyler playing it with a GS Slant 7*. That’s THE SOUND. It has great pads from a recent overhaul and plays effortlessly. If you want a ridiculously good vintage Selmer for a very reasonable price, this is the one to get.

  • Selmer Balanced Action Tenor Original Lacquer Rare Sunburst American Engraving Recent Overhaul Exceptional!

    $ 13,500

    This tenor gets my rare distinction of being an ‘exceptionally fine player’, and it also is an extremely rare and fantastic example of a very early Selmer Balanced Action tenor with an American-engraving pattern that was only used for a short period on a few tenors. I think it’s really great. This horn plays basically like a Balanced Action – warm, velvety, with a lyrical core that is obviously Selmer. But it’s a little more spread and a little darker than a Late Balanced Action, almost like it’s partly Radio Improved (my favorite vintage Selmer tone) and partly BA (my second favorite vintage Selmer tone). But it has the more comfortable BA keywork layout, so it really is a special ‘unicorn’ sort of vintage Selmer that you never see. I’ve seen one other one of these ever, and I don’t think that one was original lacquer. This tenor just got a complete overhaul done through GetASax with Italian leather Pisoni pads, and the nice made in USA reusable slightly domed brass resonators that I love on these horns. You won’t find a nicer BA, and certainly not for this price. Only one available! Includes BAM Softpack tenor case in ‘mint’ which is my favorite color.

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1955 Silver Plated Replate Very Good Condition Plays Great 57291

    $ 8,250

  • Sold Out

    Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1959 Original Lacquer Euro Engraved Excellent! 77960

    $ 15,500

    Here’s a gorgeous, prime serial, 1959 vintage Selmer Mark VI Tenor in absolutely excellent condition. It has original lacquer, original pads, original neck in excellent condition, not damaged or pulled down. This is a Euro-assembled Mark VI, so it has the lighter color French lacquer that you typically see on Euro Mark VI’s, and it has the Euro engraving pattern as well. The top coat of original lacquer over the engraving is a little thicker on Euro VI’s, which makes them have a different look from American-engraved VI’s of the same vintage. It’s the same exact saxophone underneath. Only the lacquer color and engraving pattern is different, since all of these Selmer Mark VI’s were manufactured at the same factory in France, and only finished in different places.

    The only past repairs I see on this horn are a ding removed above the octave key, and a small ding removed from the back of the body tube, that is pretty much invisible now. There’s a little light lacquer wear on the back of the body tube, and besides that, you have about 98% of the original lacquer intact and no past repairs or resolders at all. Neck looks great, bell, bow, and body tube are all great. I put this in a BAM Cabine tenor case for photos, since that will keep it safe in shipping, but if you want to discuss getting a vintage Euro Selmer Mark VI tenor case, I might have one I could pair with the horn to complete the set. You won’t find a nicer 1959 Selmer Mark VI tenor for sale anywhere, as this is already in the top 1% of Mark VI’s condition wise. The pads are original, so it’s time for a repad if you want it to play its best, but it’s on consignment, and ‘it’s only original once’ so I’m leaving it original for now. It will be a very easy repad job, as this horn is super clean and nice, and Mark VI’s are easy to work on.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1961 American Engraved Original Lacquer Excellent Condition 95721

    $ 16,950

    If you’ve been looking for a 1961 Selmer Mark VI Tenor in excellent condition for a while, and have been waiting to buy a really special one, then your wait may be over! I haven’t had one this clean and beautiful in a few years, and I don’t know when I’ll get another! The 5-digit serial Selmer Mark VI tenors have gotten pretty hard to find in clean original condition like this, and prices have been going up. This one is priced on the low side of what I’m seeing people asking at other dealers and on eBay. I was very pleasantly surprised with the condition when it arrived from the original owner. The original lacquer is almost all present, and there is no damage at all – no dents or dings, no resolders, and the original neck with matching serial number is in excellent condition with no pull down or past damage. The American engraving looks great, and the lacquer color is a gorgeous deep honey gold.

    The pads are original, and the horn still plays remarkably well on them, with a huge, powerful tone. It takes air really well and has a big sounding altissimo. It also comes in the beautiful original Chesterfield case. I love how the edge binding on this case is one continuous piece in a sort of figure 8 pattern. The 90k VI tenors have a punchy, dark, focused, powerful tone that is pretty much the tenor sound that most pro players seem to be looking for today. With a brighter mouthpiece, these things project like crazy. With an overhaul, this will be the sort of horn that you just don’t want to put down.

    Only one available

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1961 Relacquer Good Pads Great Deal! 95096

    $ 7,000

    This is a nice example of a Selmer Mark VI Tenor saxophone from 1961 with good pads that plays well and is priced extremely well. It’s wild that you can get a 5-digit Mark VI for not that much more than a pro Yamaha just by getting a Selmer that has a new coat of lacquer. This horn has no dents or dings, and the neck has the matching serial number. The American engraving isn’t as sharp as some relacquers, so the bell has been buffed a fair amount, but the horn feels good under the fingers and plays great with a dark, powerful, projecting tone. If you’ve been looking for a solid, great sounding vintage Selmer that is priced on the low side relatively speaking, this is a great option that you can just buy and play, and you don’t need to get overhauled. I put it in a BAM Softpack tenor case which is molded on the shape of a Mark VI, and which is great for gigging, and very safe for shipping. Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1962 Relacquer Great Vintage 104515

    $ 5,950

    This is a great deal on a nice condition relacquered Selmer Mark VI Tenor from 1962. It’s American-engraved with original neck with matching serial number. There are no dents or dings. It had some small dents removed from the back of the body and looks great now. The pads are older, so it’s time for either a thorough playing condition job or just a fresh overhaul. It’s on consignment, so I haven’t spent any money on it, but the price is low for what you get. Usually, you’d pay around $1500 more than this for a ’62 VI which is basically a 5-digit in design, if it had a recent overhaul. This horn is a strong player even on leaky older pads, and will definitely be really great overhauled. It comes in a nice original case as well.

    Only one available!

  • Sold Out

    Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1966 Relacquer Great Deal 136290

    $ 6,500

    This Selmer Mark VI tenor from 1966 is refinished, and it just got a full overhaul and plays its best. It’s such an effortless player with saturated subtone low register, easy altissimo, the works. Fantastic! It has a gorgeous medium dark tone. The intonation is great, and the feel under the fingers is great. If you’ve been looking for a great sounding Selmer Mark VI that is priced very reasonably, and that has a complete overhaul with all new everything, that’s this. It should be nice and easy to own, since all is fixed up and mechanically tight and snappy.

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1968 Original Lacquer American Engraved 153220

    $ 7,450
  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1973 Relacquered Great Deal 210448

    $ 4,250
  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1974 Original Lacquer Very Good Condition Getting a Full Overhaul Now! 234158

    $ 7,650

    The Selmer Mark VI sets the standard for pro tenor saxophones. No other tenor sax has been used on as many landmark recordings, or by as many top artists. The basic reason is because it has the best all around combination of features: excellent ergonomics, excellent build quality, excellent design and dependability, but most of all, a rich, complex tone that is just very pleasant to listen to. This particular tenor is original lacquer and came in with its original pads still intact! I love buying pristine examples, because they can be easily overhauled and put into factory fresh playing condition again when the overhaul is done right (which it is). This one has its full overhaul in progress, which is a big job on a saxophone but is well worthwhile, and basically resets the sax back to nearly new playing condition, and makes it dependable and easy to own for another decade or two depending on how much you play it.

    This one checks all the boxes: affordable price, original lacquer in great shape, American engraving, no significant past repairs and no current repair issues, original neck is in great conditions — even the original case looks good! The VI holds its value better than any other saxophone too, so the cost of ownership is quite low— it will often even go up in value over time if you keep it for a while.

    Only one available!

  • Sold Out

    Selmer New Large Bore Tenor Original Plays Well! 13182

    $ 4,350

  • Selmer New Largebore Tenor Original Silver Very Good Condition 8576

    $ 4,200

  • Selmer Reference 36 Tenor Excellent Condition 604536

    $ 5,750

  • Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor 1953 Original American Engraved Great Player! 50116

    $ 14,500

    This is a beautiful original lacquer Selmer Super Balanced Action tenor saxophone with American engraving and original lacquer. It has a recent overhaul done very well in CA with red painted leather pads and slightly domed metal Selmer-style resonators, and it plays GREAT! I don’t think any saxophone has nicer engraving than the SBA tenor. This one is the total package, and it is priced really well too, I think. I’ve seen relacquered SBA’s with old pads going for $12k online recently, and this one is original and has a high-end overhaul and no dents or dings and is priced not much higher. Whoever gets it is going to be really pleased. The tone is warm, rich, and velvety like Hank Mobley (who also played a 50xxx SBA, and who is one of my favorite tenor players to listen to).

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor 1954 Near Mint Original Lacquer Original Pads Amazing 53933

    $ 22,500

    Well, I’m asking a lot for this one, but there hasn’t been an original pads, original case, undamaged, American-engraved, original lacquer Selmer SBA tenor on the site in quite some time, and I think it’s rare and great enough to warrant it. The nicest violins, guitars, flutes, bassoons, pianos, cellos – almost any other instrument – are all way more expensive than this, so I think it’s pretty reasonable relatively speaking. The original case is beautiful, original pads and Tone-x resonators are intact. No damage at all. This one is great!

  • Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor Original Lacquer American Engraved Exceptional 54084

    $ 18,000

    This is an exceptionally fine playing Selmer Super (Balanced) Action Tenor saxophone with gorgeous original lacquer. it had a nice overhaul done about 6 years ago that is still going strong. Pads are great, and it plays beautifully. This is on consignment, and if I could afford to buy it off the consignor to keep myself, I would.

  • SML Coleman Hawkins Special Tenor Super Rare! Recent Overhaul 5349

    $ 6,000
  • Sold Out

    SML Super 46 Tenor Rare! Original Silver Plate Overhauled Good Condition 5117

    $ 4,500

    The SML Super 46 sounds like what would happen if Selmer and Conn saxophones could be hybridized, so you got some French lyrical core and focus with some Conn full-throated power and dark, room-filling tone. That’s not surprising, since SML was started by Selmer craftsmen who wanted to make a more Conn-like saxophone in France. They did! This one I just had to get completely overhauled, so that it could sing again to its full potential. I don’t see many Super 46’s come up for sale, and this one is much nicer than most. With a fresh overhaul, it’s a lot of saxophone for the money, and plus, if you play this out, you won’t sound like everyone else. It has some saxophone hipster appeal in that way. We actually made a video showing how the Super 46 sounds compared to a more common (and later) SML Gold Medal tenor. To me, the Super 46 is wider and wilder sounding than the Gold Medal, and has a little more Conn in it, where the Gold Medal has a little more Selmer. Either one is a fantastic choice, but this Super 46 is probably my favorite.

    Only one available!


  • Tenor Guardala + Thin Body Brilhart Reproduction Ligature for Tenor Saxophone Mouthpieces

    $ 165

    Best ligature around for a Guardala (style) metal tenor mouthpiece! This gives you nice, balanced hold on the reed, which greatly improves response and reduces movement or reed swelling on the mouthpiece table. The plastic reed plate fits the reed beautifully and opens up plenty of vibration. No deadening fabrics or strings here. Plus, this is made to the highest standards in South Korea by people who care about quality saxophone equipment. It’s a true reproduction down to the materials used, of the most desirable saxophone ligature ever made.

    If you want the best ligature for a Guardala Handmade Michael Brecker 1 or 2, or a Guardala Handmade Studio, or any other metal Guardala handmade or laser cut metal tenor mouthpiece, this is it. This also fits a wide range of other slim body metal tenor mouthpieces like the Ishimori Anemos, Yanagisawa metal tenor mouthpieces and many others. For the larger body metal mouthpieces like Otto Link, get the Otto Link metal Brilhart reproduction ligature instead.

  • Tenor Hard Rubber Brilhart 3-Band Reproduction Ligature Echo Brass

    $ 165

    There’s a reason why the vintage Brilhart 3-Band ligatures have been singled out by the market (players) as by far the most desirable vintage ligatures. They are great ligatures. But there will never be enough vintage Brilhart ligatures to meet the high demand for this style of ligature.

  • echobrass echomaster tenor metal mouthpiece ligature

    Tenor Metal Otto Link Brilhart Reproduction 3 Band Ligature Berg Larsen Dukoff!

    $ 165

    Best ligature around for a metal Otto Link (and similar) tenor mouthpiece! Way better than the stock Otto Link metal top screw ligature, this gives you a much firmer hold on the reed, which greatly improves response and reduces movement or reed swelling on the mouthpiece table. The plastic reed plate fits the reed beautifully and opens up plenty of vibration. No deadening fabrics or strings here. Plus, this is made to the highest standards in South Korea by people who care about quality saxophone equipment. It’s a true reproduction down to the materials used, of the most desirable saxophone ligature ever made. This also fits larger body Berg Larsen and vintage Hollywood Dukoff tenor mouthpieces, and all Otto Link Metal-sized tenor mouthpieces, like Ted Klum Focustone Tonamax, Theo Wanne larger body metal, and many others. See the photos. For thin body metal mouthpieces, get the Guardala sized tenor ligature instead.

    If you want the best ligature for a Berg Larsen metal tenor mouthpiece, this is it. If you want the best ligature for a Dukoff Hollywood or Dukoff Stubby tenor piece, again, this is it.

    This ligature fits all metal Otto Link tenor mouthpieces also – past and present. It fits Masterlink, 4****, ToneMaster, Super ToneMaster NY, FL, Early Babbitt, and regular Babbitt-made pieces. The modern variants like the ‘New Vintage’ NY, Millennium edition etc also all fit.

    Buy with confidence. I take returns, and I stand behind this product. It’s the real deal.

  • Tenor Metal Otto Link Mouthpieces – OT-BB size all metal with BB Screws EchoMaster Ligature

    $ 165
    Introducing a new EchoMaster ligature. This is the OT-BB size that fits metal Otto Link mouthpieces and is all-metal with BB screws. This is one versatile and beautifully built ligature.
    It’s one ligature for almost all metal tenor mouthpieces. It also fits all Dukoff metal and Berg Larsen metal mouthpieces among many others. I took photos of almost every version of Link as well as Dukoffs and a Berg if you want to scroll through. It also fits metal Yanagisawa on the slim side, and even metal 10MFan and MacSax on the fat side. Quite useful, as you get a tight reed seal, where most Link ligatures are impossible to tighten. This one is easy.
  • Theo Wanne MOKSHA Tenor Rare and Super Deluxe Mantra – Fully Engraved 20002

    $ 3,850

    Theo Wanne Moksha tenor made mostly of titanium! This was an exciting new model that Theo Wanne designed and was having manufactured, but it was too expensive to be marketable. The matching alto and tenor final prototypes were sold by Theo as one offs, and they’re on consignment here for the original owner. These have brass keys, titanium bell and body tube, and lots of engraving. They also have ‘tone bridges’ that you can install or leave off as you like, that give an extra connection between neck and body tube, tube and bow etc.