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by Nada Fabrizio on

Without question, look no further. W. Sadler's July 17, 2018 comment "...genuinely good human being." compelled me to contact Brian, and I certainly echo those words! Brian is one in a million...absolutely refreshing!!!

by Alex Munteanu on
Getasax is something else!

I'm in Europe and just got an excellent Chu Tenor from Getasax. I've dealt with horn shops both in EU and US and his service is very definitely the best out there - straight up. Check it out!

by Genevieve on
Saxaphone Sale without the Hassle

I was looking for a place to sell my alto saxophone without alot of effort. I found GetASax through a web search.. Brian really made the whole experience a pleasure. He was very fair with his offer and provided free shipping with instructions. I’m happy to know that my saxophone will be taken care of and will eventually find a good home. Thanks again Brian.

by Paul on
So Glad I Found Get A Sax

After I had a problem with a counterfeit vintage saxophone on Ebay, I stumbled upon Brian's site. I'm so glad I did!

I always wanted a Mark VI and with Brian's help, I found one that is in excellent condition at a very reasonable price. He took the time to have several discussions with me about the difference between the Mark VI and several other vintage saxophones that I was considering. He also helped reassure me that the saxophone would not get damaged in shipping as he takes tremendous care in packaging the instrument. Brian is extremely knowledgeable about vintage horns and in this way, he provides a service that you simply cannot get from another online seller. I can't recommend his website highly enough.

by Faith Dixon on
Extremely pleased

Couldn't be happier with the speed and professionalism I experienced when selling my beloved saxophone to GetASax. I have no doubt that it will end up in the hands of somebody who will love it as much as I did. I highly recommend GetASax to anyone looking to sell their saxophone. Thanks GetASax!

by Thomas D. on
Excellent first experience!

I had always enjoyed looking at Brian's amazing photos of horns and gear, but had never purchased something from the site until now. Brian replied quickly and knowledgeably to my many questions via email, and made the whole purchasing process an absolute delight.

Thanks Brian for your hard work and unfaltering support of the saxophone community.

by Ian Shaw on
knowledgable service

Brian is a trustworthy on-line seller. He is also very well connected to other reputable dealers, fabricators and saxophone technicians. I have found him to be fair minded and flexible. I have bought a 1947 King Super 20 series one alto, a 1939 Conn 10m, an Echo Brass alto sax hard rubber ligature. Very quick to respond to questions.

One example, when I bought the King there were some adjustments needed. I took the horn to my local technician and Brian paid for the work. If it is related to the vintage saxophone market and you absolutely do not want to get burned he is your guy!

by Barron on
Great Horns, New and Used!

I've purchased a few older horns from and have been very pleased with the service and great selection of instruments that are available. But doesn't just have great old horns, they also have new Yamaha saxophones. Recently, I bought a new Yamaha 82Z Atelier from them. The horn was setup perfectly and sounds fantastic!

by Evan Long on
Keilwerth SX90 Baritone

Not only did Brian offer me the best price of any other vendor, but throughout the sale process he was fair, honest, and responsive. If that wasn't enough, he normally pays for shipping -- but since I was able to come drop it off myself, he added the cost of shipping to the price he paid me.

by Brad B on
Excellent experience

Brian made buying and selling vintage horns an amazingly easy experience.
When you deal with GetASax, you will be dealing with someone who is experienced, knowledgable, and fair!
He helped me find an amazing, all original Mark VI tenor in great shape. Even better, he welcomed my wife and I into the shop to play test to our heart's content while giving us history lessons. This level of service is alive and well at GetASax!!!

Whether you are looking for a horn, mouthpiece, case, or even vintage parts- Brian is your guy!!!

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