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 by CM
Great Overall Experience (with a note of advice to fellow newbies)

We had a great experience purchasing my son's intermediate sax from Get-A-Sax. The instrument was in great condition, shipped quickly, packaged well (more on this in a moment), and communication from Brian was great. Would work with him again in a second and are so pleased with the new horn.

I did want to share a note that might be helpful for other inexperienced shoppers out there (probably a small percentage of users here, but hope to save another kindred soul from a bit of trouble). The keys on the sax were very carefully secured with wedges of cork to keep them in place during shipment. My son, in his eagerness to play his new instrument, ended up bending two of the keys as he was trying to figure out why the sax wasn't working right and started pulling on the keys. This was totally our fault and just required a quick fix from a local repairman. Be sure that you know what you are doing, though, before you try to use the instrument. I wish we had let his instructor inspect it first!!

 by Robert Carter
GS New York Meyer Alto Mouthpiece

I just purchased the GS New York Meyer 7 Alto Mouthpiece and was blown away by how it plays. I have played a New York Meyer from the mid '50s for over 30 years, and Brian's copy does everything my original Meyer does plus a lot more. The articulation on Brian's copy is super crisp, and plays doodin' jazz articulations effortlessly. And it plays in tune! It is also a versatile piece and capable of producing a wide range of tone colors from subs to screamin' altissimo. And it plays in tune! (worth repeating) It lives up to Brian's description in every way, and I couldn't be happier with it.

 by philip lyew
Getasax NY Meyer alto

The best alto mouthpiece I have ever played! It has everything, every color, every nuance. I have had great experiences with Getasax. Everything they sell is top notch, and high quality.

 by Rim
Great Sax & MPC Shop!

Great Perfect Worldwide Super Sax & MPC Shop!

Thanks, Brian.

 by Doug Larison
Couf Superba1 bari

Brian was extremely professional. I originally purchased a beautiful ybs-52, and when I changed my mind Brian unpacked the Yamaha and shipped me the Couf. The horn is beautiful, plays beautifully, a wonderful bari sax! His horns are beautiful as seen in his photos, which I noticed are more clear and detailed than others. His prices are very reasonable too. GetaSax will be the first place I go to for my next horn.

 by Dale M.
Brian comes through again!

I just played through the YSS-82ZRS that arrived today, and it's fabulous. The setup is immaculate, and the horn just sings. Plus it's a real looker.
This is the fourth horn I've bought from Brian, the others being a pair of Buffet clarinets and a Selmer tenor saxophone. Each instrument is great, and Brian's customer service is fantastic. Well done!

 by Alex
Excellent service

Thank you, Brian, for your excellent service, fair price, careful shipping. I am very satisfied with the transaction.

 by Max Segali
Best Place ever for Sax Fans

I have been hunting a sax and mouthpieces all around the internet, The products of getasax are superb, exceptional client service, they love what they do and care about the client, that is in itself a clear advantage to all competitors. keep going!

 by Phil Murray

Like so many other sax players I have been looking for the holy grail of mouthpieces. I am only a semi-pro player but over the past 20-30 years I have collected a box of about 30 assorted mouthpieces for bari, tenor, alto and soprano. I'm now a bari player and think I have 1-2 pretty good mpcs for bari and range of good alto ones ( if I can stop myself going sharp up the octave on my very late Mk VI and Conn Connqueror 26M), the soprano I now never play and the tenor is my 'comfort' horn but my mpcs are all too bright. Let me announce that today my GS Reso 7* arrived and I have found my holy grail of tenor mpcs. On my cheap Wallstein everything was mellow, in tune with a great subtone. I just couldn't stop playing! I am now preparing to get out my 5-digit Mk VI that has not seen the light of day for about 10 years but I'm scared that the sound may be so good my heart may not be able to cope. Thank you Brian. Sign me up for any alto and bari mpcs you may be planning for the future.

 by Peter
Great Service

Brian was a pleasure ro deal with, made the whole process simple and rewarding, from a value standpoint, and the satisfaction of knowng that my late uncle’s saxophone will find a new player.

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