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by Phil Murray on

Like so many other sax players I have been looking for the holy grail of mouthpieces. I am only a semi-pro player but over the past 20-30 years I have collected a box of about 30 assorted mouthpieces for bari, tenor, alto and soprano. I'm now a bari player and think I have 1-2 pretty good mpcs for bari and range of good alto ones ( if I can stop myself going sharp up the octave on my very late Mk VI and Conn Connqueror 26M), the soprano I now never play and the tenor is my 'comfort' horn but my mpcs are all too bright. Let me announce that today my GS Reso 7* arrived and I have found my holy grail of tenor mpcs. On my cheap Wallstein everything was mellow, in tune with a great subtone. I just couldn't stop playing! I am now preparing to get out my 5-digit Mk VI that has not seen the light of day for about 10 years but I'm scared that the sound may be so good my heart may not be able to cope. Thank you Brian. Sign me up for any alto and bari mpcs you may be planning for the future.

by Peter on
Great Service

Brian was a pleasure ro deal with, made the whole process simple and rewarding, from a value standpoint, and the satisfaction of knowng that my late uncle’s saxophone will find a new player.

by Bruno Cervantes on
Selmer Tenor

Highly recommend Brian and GetaSax. Tenor arrived in perfect condition

by Alex Nyman on
Reso FG spec snd Slant

Both mouthpieces are superb players. The facings are exact and precise and allow complete ease of control and flexibilty with voicing. The FG spec Reso is darker than the Slant but in no way compromises on character or projection. Both are a joy to play and feel great in the mouth with their beak angle and width. My BSS reeds fit perfectly. If you have any doubts that a printed mouthpiece can be a great mouthpiece forget them now. The following is a link to a audio sound comparison track I posted on saxontheweb.

by Christa on
Yanagisawa Soprano

Highly recommend Get A Sax! I had an awesome experience and I'll definitely be using them again! I was looking for a good soprano that wouldn't break the bank and found one here! The transaction was secure and smooth and the saxophone came well packaged! It plays beautifully and I couldn't be happier!

by Gorgon Haas on
Excellent Service and Product

I received my new mouthpiece overseas within a week, and even one day earlier than announced. Great!
The mouthpiece, a GS Slant 7*, was not what I expected, though. I just wasn't prepared to find a new mouthpiece feeling as if I had played it for some time already. Amazing!
First impressions: Doesn't get in the way, no "dialed-in" sound, brings out different reed characteristics cleanly without being too reed-picky, as it seems.
Thank you, GetASax — off to a very good start!

by Scott Farlinger on
Great Products Great People

Ordered a ligature from GetaSax for my tenor. These are tough times, and the good people at Get a Sax saw the order, where I lived, and decided to upgrade (at no cost) to FedEx as two months in shipping would probably be a pain. They responded to an email query I had really quickly.

And that's what happened. I got a fantastic new ligature.

This quality of service and great product is hard to find.

Cheers and thank you!

by Mark on

Awesome all around. I'm an adult clarinetist that was hunting for a first tenor sax. Brian got me all fixed up: great advice, well-tuned to my situation and goals, a lovely used YTS-62 and a GS mouthpiece with all the trimmings, and now I'm good to go.

by Clive Astle on
GS Reso "sophisticated lady"

My GS Reso mouthpiece arrived today.

I am amazed how easy it is to play throughout the whole range. The tone is perfect for ballads.

GetASax shipment only took a week to Australia so service is great, to.

Thanks Brian. Keep the vintage mouthpieces coming!

by Adam on
110% Satisfaction

The rule is: don't buy a horn you can't play. Make sense.

I live in an area where the supply of solid vintage horns is almost non-existent. After watching the GetASax site for a few years I came across a sax that I couldn't say no to. So I made the plunge. I was nervous; it was a big spend for me. I finally get the it too good to be true? I play it. Oh, God! I immediately ran to my service guy (a seasoned sax player himself). He examines it thoroughly then he thanks me for sharing with him and tells me I made his day! Indeed, mine too!

Perhaps the most persnickety of player will disagree but for me If GetASax says the horn is good; it's good. Rules are made to be broken. Excellent experience.

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