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 by Dan Rubenstein
GS Slant

Amazing product! I purchased a 5* GS Slant for my Selmer Mark VI Tenor. It has a really fantastic sound. So much better than any other mouthpiece I’ve tried. Getasax has excellent service, too.

 by Steven Rosen
Great Overall Experience

My experience and purchase of a sopranino saxophone at GetASax was excellent. I spoke with Brian & Tyler about my needs and budget and they steered me to the most appropriate instrument. Aside from them being nice folks, I found Brian & Tyler to be professional, knowledgeable, patient and accommodating. An excellent purchase all around as I purchased the right instrument at the right price. I highly recommend them.

 by Timothy Smith
GS Reso 7*

First thank you for copying these amazing vintage pieces. I am not a international musician, so spending $1000 or more for a vintage mouthpiece is totally out of the question. My GS RESO is flawless in the hand work . Thank you agan

 by Daniel Daemen

Great mouthpieces and a fantastic service!

 by MTM
Couldn't be Better

Brian & GetASax: Truly great service! First of all, Brian found what I wanted (Selmer Supreme tenor) MUCH faster than any of the 5 or 6 other places I tried. Then, the price was a bit lower than some of the others. Also, he kept in touch via email throughout the entire process so that I always knew what was going on with the order. Maybe best of all, he did a fantastic thorough setup at no charge since I got the sax from GetASax. I can't think of anything I wish had gone differently, from first inquiry to delivery.
Selmer Supreme Tenor Sax: Absolutely fantastic horn!! Easy blowing through whole range of the horn including altissimo, most in-tune horn I've ever owned, gorgeous to look at, and sounds great.

 by Gary Epstein
7* Reso FG

First, thank you Brian for the courteous and timely manner handling my purchase. As a full time tenor man playing a solo gig 5 nights a week, consisting of 250 standard, jazz and oldies tunes I was hoping for a great smooth playing, reed friendly and slightly darker piece than my current mouthpiece. The Reso7* FG is just that. I'm a believer that your "sound" is a most important aspect of your playing and effect on your listeners. *****
does it all!

 by Richard Schermesser
Great Experience

Brian was congenial, knowledgeable, prompt and thorough from the first contact to the end of the transaction. I have left my older Selmer alto saxophones with him for the opportunity of other fine musicians to be a custodian for two wonderful instruments made by master craftsmen of the past. One 73 and one 85 years ago. Live on! Music is a blessing.

 by TS
1st Class

It’s important to me to leave a review for Get-A-Sax.

I’m an international customer which complicates everything and in the world we live in it’s foolish to part with your hard earned money without diligence.

I will say I had bought a mouthpiece from Get-A-Sax in the past some years ago for sub $100 so thats all the experience I had.

But this King Super 20 purchase was way more significant in terms taking a risk.

Brians communications to my enquiries were brief. I didn’t know how to take that and I worried a bit. The worry was completely unnecessary and I would not hesitate to come to Gat-A-Sax again if I’m in the market for anything.

I get it now…..

There is no need for lengthy drawn out communications if the item is what you want.

The website of course gives you comprehensive and accurate pictures and I always accepted that but then you start to think about shipping costs and how it will be packed etc. so plenty to contemplate and you think you could use some reassurance.

Well let my review reassure you.

The sax verses the pictures = Exact

The shipping = quick and not cost prohibitive (2 days door to door to the UK)

The Packing ? Well there is an article on the Knowledge section of the website that I stumbled across after I’d already committed to the deal. Read that and if that doesn’t put your mind at rest nothing will.

You see this is clearly how Get-A-Sax do business 100% of the time. What you see is what you get and lets face it what you see is excellent stuff.

If you see something you like and are serious about it JUST DO IT.

 by mojosax
good feeling

i've played the FG reso 7* and the 7 Slant replicas.
good job.
the resoFG has a really good tone. low frequencies are gorgious !
the Slant is powerfull as an OL doesn't.
i'll try a 7 (100) Resochamber.

 by Guillaume Chanfreau
Happy repeat customer

I have bought several instruments from Brian and also sold him a couple. Brian is very honest and straightforward, and the horns I got from him are always in perfect condition, and shipped in a super protective packaging so that they play perfectly upon receipt. If you are interested in one of his horns, I would suggest to contact him before hand and discuss it. He can give advice on whether or not the specific instrument you are considering is the best for what you want/need. He also has a tremendous knowledge of saxophones and of the market, and he sometimes knows of horns available that are not even listed on his site. Also if you are interested in selling he sometimes knows people who are in the market for specific models. Finally his 3D printed mouthpieces are awesome...So very happy with my purchases and will come back if I ever need another horn.

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