Saxophone Video Archive

Tyler Anderson has been working hard to produce a series of fun and informative saxophone-related videos for GetASax over the past few years. This page allows you to surf them easily. If you’d like to subscribe to the GetASax YouTube channel, click here!

We have videos in a few main categories. The first features our line of GS Mouthpieces. These are extremely precise copies of the best mouthpieces from my collection. You can hear them on lots of types of saxophone to get a feel for the tone. I don’t think anyone has done better than Tyler so far at recording saxophone tone for youtube demos. You can hear all the details!

All of the GetASax videos are stereo mixed with HiFi sound, so do yourself a favor and listen on good headphones instead of through a computer or phone speaker. It’s well worth it. My ears have gotten a lot better at distinguishing saxophone tone just from working with Tyler on these videos, and it’s increased my enjoyment of all music!

In addition to mouthpiece videos, you’ll also find saxophone tone demo videos. We may organize these into groups someday, but for now, they’re mixed in. Be sure to checkout In A Sentimental Mood played on the Conn-O-Sax, and listen to the GS Slant played on a Conn 10M. That’s a huge sound! 

Besides mouthpiece and horn videos, we also have a great series on how to use effects with saxophone and how to record and loop at home. There are videos on particular effects pedals and software solutions that you can easily setup yourself. And there are demo videos showing Tyler using his pedal and loop setup to make music. We try to go into all the details that you want to know to get off to an easy start! So check it out! 

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