GS Mouthpieces

The magic of the best vintage mouthpieces, available for everyone to experience.

We believe every player should have access to the best mouthpieces.

Now, using cutting-edge technology, it is possible to produce a precise, top-quality replica of the best mouthpieces at a great price. 

Extreme Resolution

No ugly print lines.  The resolution is accurate to .001″ or better, so that you get a precise copy of the original, best-ever vintage mouthpiece.

Finest Material

Made from biocompatible dental resin. Designed for durability and safety! The density and hardness are nearly identical to vintage hard rubber!

Hand Faced

Each mouthpiece is hand finished for maximum playability and response. The table is flat, tip and rails are beautifully smooth and even. No print lines. Great reed seal!

Collect Them All

Each mouthpiece model has its own unique strengths to offer.  Dark for ballads. Bright for cutting through a band. Spice up your practice time by getting to know a classic vintage mouthpiece tone while you work!

Hand Picked

The mouthpieces that we pick for modeling are the best of the best. You don’t have to try 10 mouthpieces to find a good one anymore! We now offer my favorite New York Meyer Alto mouthpiece, two different Otto Link Reso Chamber models in a range of tips, my favorite Otto Link Slant Signature Tone Edge, as well as Reso C melody pieces in a range of tips.

Our Story

Finding a really special mouthpiece is an almost magical experience. It opens up new sonic possibilities for your playing. One of the joys of operating GetASax for the past 16 years has been chasing down those rare, holy grail sorts of mouthpieces, and getting to know their unique personalities. I remember buying my favorite Otto Link Reso Chamber from a wonderful player in Europe. For me, that mouthpiece is just so comfortable to play. The facing is perfect, done by the incomparable Freddie Gregory. The baffle is just right – dark but not too dark. Brightens up when you push it. Responds effortlessly. Takes air beautifully. Marvelous.

Even back then, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if more people could experience this?” Trouble is, this is a $1500+ mouthpiece! Many of the best pieces are now $1500-$2500 for the clean examples, if you can even find one at all! What we need is an affordable way to get this sort of mouthpiece to anyone who wants to try one! That inspired the GS Mouthpieces Project. 

So my personal Reso Chamber became the first mouthpiece that we copied for this project: The GS Reso. It was first, not because it’s the most desirable, but because it’s the piece I know best. I needed to be 100% sure that the GS RESO plays just like the original, and it does!

Now, we have 8 different models available, and each one is exceptional in its own way. 


As with everything at GetASax, the trial period is 7 days, there is no restocking fee.

Experience the Magic

The GS Reso is the best mouthpiece I bought in the last 20 years. Great job guys!!

Alex Miranda

Brian  – got my GS Reso today.  Wow! I’ve tried other Reso copies and your blows them away hands down.  I was a little skeptical but for $199 figured why not.  It’s a spectacular mouthpiece. Every bit as good as you said and for less than half the cost of other copies. Congrats on a job well done. A tremendous mouthpiece as well as a tremendous value! Here is a sample I did on Old Folks: 

John Weber

The mpc is awesome. It doesn’t feel like a 7* at all. I play a 2,5 reed and it seems like the perfect match.
I have a vintage Ponzol 110 which Freddie refaced some years ago before he passed away. I think I can feel his work. Same good playability up and down the entire registers.
Can’t wait for the next model you will have in your vintage series.

Thomas Feldmann

I had high expectations of the GS RESO, simply due to the Freddie refacing. I’m happy to say that the GS RESO doesn’t disappoint in any way! There’s a certain comfort to this mouthpiece that few pieces have, both with ergonomics and resistance. Free blowing mouthpieces are great, as long as there’s something to keep you in check, and the GS RESO has that magical level of resistance that’s on point. The beak angle also keeps you in check with your embouchure. It would be difficult to play this mouthpiece incorrectly.

As promised, the GS RESO provides a full, robust, dark sound that can be pushed to punch through. What’s fun is the versatility it exudes – you choose the timbre you want that’s correct for the music you play, from Lester Young to Michael Brecker, just by utilizing the personal nuances you use to emulate their sounds.

There’s no doubt that Mr. Otto Link had the skills to create the best playing tenor sax mouthpieces in his time – just look at the number of manufacturers who offer their versions of his acclaimed holy grail mouthpieces. With the GS RESO, I feel like I am actually playing an Otto Link Reso Chamber that was refaced by Freddie Gregory. Yes, it’s *that* good.

Wally West

Wow, lightning fast shipping! The Reso arrived yesterday.
I love it! Congratulations. You have done a brilliant job. It’s a real gem . It just worked for me from the off. 
I played an [redacted] refaced modern vintage slant for ages and this is kinda like that but a million times better .
Thanks, you are on to a winner here well done.
PS: It looks mega cool too.
Damian Hand