GS NEW YORK Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece – The Best Meyer

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$ 199

GS NEW YORK Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Meyer Bros NY Replica

A great New York Meyer alto mouthpiece just sparkles. The response is clean, warm, and effortlessly free blowing, but centered and with an elusive extra magic to it – even compared to any other version of Meyer.

The GS NEW YORK is an extremely precise copy of what I think is the best Meyer Bros NY I’ve played. I’ve been collecting NY Meyer alto pieces since I started GetASax, and I just LOVE this particular one.

I loved it so much, that I spent about a year figuring out how to make an extremely precise copy of it that played with the same magic in each tip opening.

The GS New York delivers on that goal! People just love to play this mouthpiece. The reviews and emails I receive have been so encouraging to keep this going long-term.

How does it play? It’s slightly brighter than some NY Meyers, and a little warmer than a NYUSA. Balanced and easy low register and altissimo. Compared to a typical modern Meyer the GS NY will be much more free blowing, less resistant, and will have better projection and sparkle. You can get a Cannonball / Phil Woods vibe going with less effort than on a typical modern Meyer for sure.

You won’t pick a bad tip opening. They’re all great. People buy the 5 (.072″) , 6 (.076″), and 7 (.080″) tips about equally often.

People getting their first jazz mouthpiece often ask what to get. I would say, if you’re coming from a Yamaha 4C or S80 C*, get the GS New York 5 tip and try it with a Rigotti 2.5 strong, La Voz medium, D’Addario Select Jazz 3S etc. Or if you struggle with reeds, try a Fibracell Premier 2.5 or 3 for a synthetic reed that doesn’t swell and has a tip profile that fits the GS NY tip shape well.

Each GS New York is carefully hand faced, including flattening the table, and measuring the facing curve at ten points plus the tip, so you can be sure that the one you get will be just as good as the one that I play personally. If I make a mistake in facing, that mouthpiece doesn’t get sold. Every one that goes out the door measures just how it should. Since the table is flat, consider scraping your reed after soaking for the best results. That one tip changes lots of players’ lives, so I thought I’d highlight it here.

Due to high demand, I’ve been about a week behind on hand facing lately. But I’ll ship your mouthpiece quickly to make up for that.


Introducing the GS NEW YORK alto mouthpiece! This is an extremely precise copy of my favorite Meyer Bros New York alto piece from my collection of New York Meyer mouthpieces.

A great New York Meyer just sparkles. The response is clean, warm, and effortlessly free blowing, but centered and with an elusive extra magic to it – even compared to any other version of Meyer.

What you get: The Best Meyer Ever

If you’re not a vintage mouthpiece geek, you probably didn’t know that there are three different mouthpieces that are stamped Meyer Bros New York (not incuding the Tru-Flex or the NYUSA). The first is a rather stubby, fat bodied one. Then this one that the GS NEW YORK copies, with NEW YORK on the same side as MeYeR and ‘medium chamber’ in small font on the table side. The last version has a fatter body again, and has MEDIUM on the same side as MeYeR and NEW YORK on the table side. The following photo makes this clear.

Some folks prefer the third version. I prefer the second, though we may offer the third version as a GS mouthpiece someday as well. The one we copied has just the right balance of warmth and projection to stand out as the one, holy grail, best-ever (in my opinion anyway) do-it-all alto mouthpiece that you need. There are lots of other great alto mouthpieces on the market, but to my knowledge nobody has actually successfully produced an exact copy of a Meyer Bros NY like this before, until now.

These also all get hand faced by me. That’s the main slow step in getting them to you, but I’m facing them as fast as I can while keeping the facing work perfect. The hand facing is a step that you can’t skip. If you try to make a replica mouthpiece and you don’t replicate a really excellent facing, you might as well not bother. So you get my favorite 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 facing that I’ve played so far, on whichever tip mouthpiece you request. Tips are as follows: 4= .069″   5= .072″   6= .076″   7= .080″ 8= .085″.

The baffle on each tip opening is placed just where Meyer would place it relative to the tip rail and chamber, so each one is a really good copy of the appropriate tip of Meyer Bros. One big advantage we have is that we make these entirely in house, so we can keep improving them until they are perfect. By using biocompatible dental resin and 3D printing for the complex, organic chamber and baffle shapes, we can keep improving and iterating the model until each one is perfect. We spend a LOT of time and effort on that, and I hope that it shows in the quality of mouthpiece and the playing experience that you get.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in
Tip Opening

4 .069", 5 .072", 6 .076", 7 .080", 8 .085"

15 reviews for GS NEW YORK Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece – The Best Meyer

  1. Moritz Haas

    Brilliant, very well balanced. Love from the first tone on! Keep up!

  2. max segali

    I have been playing alto for more than 10 years, I have tried many mouthpieces but this one is exceptionally good, it has a super fast response in all the register, clear sound, the best and only mouth piece I need.

  3. Alex Nyman (verified owner)

    What an amazing mouthpiece. Simply sublime. This can really do it all. I am astounded by Brian’s work in creating such a flexible and high performance piece. My search is over.

  4. Justin H.

    I was preparing to spend big money on a vintage NY Meyer Bros. mouthpiece in original condition. After extensive research, I concluded that the only mouthpiece on the market I was interested in trying before making my purchase was the GetASax GS New York. I liked everything about the description: high-accuracy 3D copy of the best NY Meyer Bros. from an extensive collection and THAT’S IT: no chamber work, no baffle work, no weird facings; no muss, no fuss – pure NY Meyer Bros. I’m really glad I tried it, because it’s simply the best all-around alto mouthpiece I’ve ever used.

    I’ve owned vintage NY Meyers, modern Meyers, special edition Meyers, refaced/reworked Meyers, and played a few Meyer Bros., and I can safely say: the GS NY is the only mouthpiece I’ve found that actually captures the unique “sizzle” and “zing” of a vintage Meyer Bros. that makes them so special. The facing work is beautiful. And I love that the dental resin material feels “soft” in my mouth like vintage hard rubber. It does everything I want it to do, from big and edgy to “dry” and sweet.

    If you’re on the fence, order one and trial it. Very pleased with GS NY, especially at $200!

  5. Josh (verified owner)

    This is hands down the best all around alto mouthpiece, just like the marketing materials say. It plays amazing. Incredible, I cannot say enough. I was playing on a regular meyer 5. Bought the GS in 7 and it’s just night and day from the modern stuff. Holy cow. Don’t hesitate, just buy it.

  6. Octavio (verified owner)

    AMAZING! – Duplicates my vintage Meyer – recorded side by side – basically, no difference – wonderful sound – and I saved 3,000 dollars. What a deal.

  7. James Joyce

    I’ve had this since August. I bought the 5 tip, and it’s such a great piece. I love the sound I get out of it, it was just what I was looking for. My sound tends to be on the dark side, and I can get a nice sweet tone with this. It’s so versatile as well though. I sometimes just try to push the tone in both directions and see how far I can get. They did an amazing job with this.

  8. J Cisar (verified owner)

    Thankyou Brian for the excellent work you have done on this mouthpiece. It is a perfect match for my 1951 SBA.

  9. Marco Romeo (verified owner)

    I received this mpc a few hours ago, around 1 PM. Then I started playing, and in seven hours I only took a break to write an email to Brian: I had to. To congratulate him. This GS New York is the best mouthpiece I have ever played in my life. I have never tried a vintage Meyer, so I cannot make comparisons, but honestly I don’t need to. Playing is pure joy. It plays with a whisper, has projection that I have never heard on a non-metal mouthpiece (with high baffle, too), and can play warm and smooth like a tenor (I love ballads, this is GREAT for ballads). It is simply terrific and unbelieveble that a mpc like this has such a competitive price.
    Ps: for those, like me, who are not pro musicians: I have always had difficulty playing softly while starting a bass with tongue, especially subtoning smoothly. Problem solved. With this amazing GS low C, B and Bb are as easy as I never thought possible.
    In one word: unparalleled.

  10. Matt (verified owner)

    I also just wanted to say that the mouthpieces are fantastic! The palm keys play so much easier now. They just happen with no effort, just like the middle of the stack. I play a 90K Mark VI and while the bottom always sounded fantastic, these two mouthpieces have really opened up the top range of the horn. Also, the mouthpieces seem to make formerly poor reeds into real players. I’m beyond satisfied. Thank you for making these mouthpieces and making them affordable!

  11. Philipp Seifert

    I´ve got the No. 8 and also the No. 7 of this ingenious mouthpiece with Brians BB Screws Brilhart Reproduction 3-Band Ligature . Both mpcs sound just great and perfectly in tune on my CONN NW II Transitional – and on my 6 M VIII – and open up unimagined possibilities for me …. Anything goes so easy….ballads, old school, modern funky stuff, loud or softly…. whispering or screaming …..whatever you like ! An incredibly variable mouthpiece and also reed-friendly. Simply a affordable masterpiece ! The search is over ! Thanks, Brian!

  12. Evan (verified owner)

    Thank you very much for my No.8.alto mouthpiece Really wonderful sound on both my old selmer SBA and Martin Committee. Great value for money for such an excellent mouthpiece and shipped promptly all the way to the UK. Very happy customer

  13. Dr. Rock (verified owner)

    This is one of those rare occasions where technology does beautiful things for mankind. Thank you, GetASax, for making a true artist-level mouthpiece available to the masses for a mere pittance. As a Boomer, I can tell you this is why we invented computers–so you youngsters could build the future we learned about from watching the Jetsons. Well done, I say! Now, where are the flying cars? Seriously though, stop what you’re doing and order this mouthpiece, now. It really is that good.

  14. Steve N. (verified owner)

    I’ve been playing saxophone for just less than a year and wanted to upgrade from my Yamaha 5C to a handmade mouthpiece. I had tried another brand of printed mouthpiece, but it was not right for me. My teacher suggested a Meyer, so I purchased the GS New York in a size 5 tip opening. Although I lack enough experience to appreciate the nuances that this mouthpiece can deliver, I can attest that it makes playing much easier for me. I can hit high notes that were very difficult to achieve before. I find practice so much more enjoyable now. If you are a relative newbie like me who is ready for a high quality mouthpiece, I highly recommend this one.

  15. Dan R (verified owner)

    My GS New York (5 tip opening) makes my Mark VI sing like never before. It’s truly a game changer and I highly recommend it.

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