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  • Adolphe Sax Alto Saxophone from 1861 Rare ‘Large Bell’ Plays

    $ 3,850

    Adolphe Sax (Father) Alto saxophone, first generation (large bell).

    Here are the details:
    {23307} [ 1861 ] Alto saxophone in E♭.
    Adolphe Sax, Paris
    Inscribed with monogram trademark “AS PARIS” and “Saxophone alto en mi♭ breveté / Adolphe Sax à Paris / Fteur de la Mson Milre de l’Empereur”.

    This alto got restored in Germany, but is still not in top playing condition. It plays, but it would play better with more work. The restoration included new suitable pads, leveling/silver-soldering of toneholes, rebuilding a tonehole, brass repairs and adjusting the mechanics to good playability.

    It is a very lovely instrument and exceptionally rare. A similar one can be found at the MET MUSEUM, see online, If you’re not aware, the Met has one of the most extensive rare musical instrument collections in the world.

    It also comes with a nice mouthpiece that tunes well with the sax. And it includes the ligature (that came with the sax) with the instrument. I have tested many and this one provided for me very good response and stable intonation at A=440. It is a large chamber design similar to the ADOLPHE SAX mouthpieces, but it carries no inscription and has been opened up to a modern .080 tip.

  • Buescher Aristocrat / Bundy Alto Saxophone 527378 Needs Overhaul

    $ 450
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    Buescher Aristocrat 140 Alto 339984 Just Tuned Up

    $ 1,250
  • Buescher Aristocrat Series 1 Alto 285455 Old Pads

    $ 850
  • Buescher New Aristocrat Alto Rascher Serial Original Silver Plate Old Pads 265024

    $ 1,400
  • Buffet Super Dynaction Alto Saxophone Original Lacquer 17435

    $ 2,350

    Buffet Super Dynaction Alto saxophone in original ‘sparkle’ lacquer. This horn is in on consignment, and has good pads, and plays well, with a big, operatic sort of voice. It’s centered like a Selmer from the 50’s, and medium dark, but wider and very open throated. Intonation is good. Keywork is Selmer-like and comfortable. Sometimes these get called a ‘poor man’s Mark VI’ but I’d prefer to think of them as a high-quality, professional mid-century French saxophone in their own right. But I guess, when you figure a new student Yamaha is over $2k, then this becomes a pretty good deal with good pads at this price for a pro vintage alto that is comparable to a Selmer. It has had some small dents removed in the bell area and back of the bow, but that’s just par for the course with a vintage sax, and the work was done well. It’s otherwise in quite good shape. It comes in the the delightful original Lifton case with blue interior. Someone should make a case like this again.

    Only one available!

  • Conn 20M Student Alto Great First Saxophone! Plays well

    $ 600
  • Conn 26M Connqueror Alto Original Lacquer 289956 Beautiful!

    $ 4,250

    SUPER nice, clean, original lacquer, original pads Conn Connqueror 26M alto with all the bells and whistles. Check out Matt Stohrer’s repairman’s overview for some special details on these, and maybe also watch his 6M video for general info on this type of sax. You don’t see many 26M’s for sale ever. And many of those that are sold as original lacquer really aren’t. The original ones look like this – super sharply cut through engraving, dark honey gold lacquer. You can’t beat it! It’s one of the most beautiful saxophones ever made, and also one of the most fun to play.

    Only one available! Who knows when I’ll have another one this nice!

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    Conn 28M Connstellation Alto Great Deal

    $ 1,500
  • Conn 6M Alto Original Silver Plate 250314 Recent Repad Big Sound

    $ 3,250

    One of the very earliest 6M’s and my favorite vintage as well. Beautiful original silver plate, recent overhaul, some resoldered posts etc. Email for a full description!

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    Conn 6M VIII Alto Original Lacquer Original Pads Fresh Full Overhaul! 275649

    $ 3,450
  • Conn 6M VIII Alto Saxophone Recent Overhaul Original Lacquer 304940

    $ 3,450
  • Conn 6M VIII Alto Saxophone Silver Freshly Overhauled! 312086

    $ 3,950

    Yes, that’s the original silver plating on this amazingly well-preserved Conn 6M VIII alto from 1945. It’s just been totally overhauled and can blow the walls down. Tunes great too. No past repairs or issues at all. This is like a freshly restored barn find Ford Mustang convertible.

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    Conn Early 6M Alto Saxophone 250425

    This is about the 150th Conn 6M made. (The first is #250243, and they made other voices in between that one and 250425.) If you know this site, you’ll know that I especially like these early 6Ms. They play wider and wilder than the also-great-later 6M’s, but they still have the super slick keywork that makes 6M’s great. So it’s kind of a sweet spot if you want great keywork and a big sound. This one needs an overhaul, and it has a few dings, but it’s going to be a superb alto with a little care put into it. Or talk to me about getting it including a fresh overhaul, which I can have done to my picky standards in a couple of weeks’ time.

  • Conn New Wonder II Alto Saxophone Silver Plate 227313

    $ 950
  • Conn Transitional Alto Silver Art Deco Excellent Condition Orig Pads 247007

    $ 1,950
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    Couf Superba 1 Alto Saxophone Recent High End Overhaul! 81471

    $ 2,850

    On trial Sept 8 2021

  • Keilwerth SX90R SHADOW Alto Saxophone Excellent Condition 124564

    $ 4,950

    This is a real Keilwerth Shadow alto. If you’re not hip to Keilwerths, you might accidentally buy a black nickel Keilwerth thinking it’s a shadow, when it isn’t. The Shadow is solid nickel silver (not brass) and then has black nickel over that. So the engraving cuts through to the nickel silver and looks silver. It’s unlike any other saxophone. These are the top of the line that Keilwerth makes, and this one is gorgeous. One owner, adult-owned, and well cared-for. It has no problems or issues at all. I also just got it totally tuned up and setup and it’s playing great! Shadow altos are rare and amazing, with extra engraving, that unbeatable look, and a depth of tone from the nickel silver base metal that is a bit darker and more powerful and complex than brass. It’s great!

  • Martin Centennial Alto Saxophone Committee II and III Transitional Model Rare! 142319

    $ 1,550

    Insanely low price (not my decision) on this gorgeous Martin Centennial Alto saxophone. (This is on consignment and the owner wants me to move it quickly!) The lacquer has aged to a dark honey color and looks great. Having no other Centennial altos around to compare to, I’m not willing to commit to this being original lacquer, but it might be. I don’t see signs of buffing, and if it were a Comm II, then it would look correct to be original. So maybe it is? The Centennial celebrates 100 years since the invention of the saxophone. It appears briefly between the Committee II and the Committee III (The Martin Alto) models, and it has features of both models. You can easily spot some guards and key shapes that remind you of the Comm II, while the main design chiefly anticipates the Commitee III in design and tone. If you want a The Martin Alto, but you want one that is cooler, super-early, darker than average, and rarer and more collectible, this is it!

    The tone is warm, powerful, round, and full. The ‘carrying power’ (as Martin calls it in old ads) is a main plus of this model. It sings out with absolutely no resistance to blasting over a section or a band. You can do the west coast dry jazz tone like Art Pepper, or you can blast like the SNL sax players if you want to. The intonation is remarkably good. The ergonomics are also surprisingly good.  It’s hard to beat this horn for the money. It even plays well on the existing mix of pads, and doesn’t need an overhaul right out of the case like most of these.

    Only one available!

  • Martin Committee II Alto Saxophone Original Lacquer Plays Well Great Deal! 131k

    $ 1,550

    Insanely low price (not my decision) on this gorgeous Martin Committee II Alto saxophone. (This is on consignment and the owner wants me to move it quickly!) The original lacquer has aged to a dark molassas color and just looks so great. You get the deco vertical MARTIN logo and the lion and crown engraving, and the gorgeous nickel keywork and two tone guards on the bell keys. These horns are SUPER under-rated, and have great upside appreciation potential as more people around the world discover what fine saxophones Martin made in its heyday. The Committee II was only made for a few years before some patent disputes forced Martin to switch to a different design, but the few thousand of these that were made are a real sweet spot for vintage saxophone tone. Note: the neck is from a few months later than the body 133k versus 131k, but it’s the correct neck etc. You see that sometimes on these, and I’m not sure why! Maybe just people swapping necks around.

    The tone is warm, powerful, round, and full. It has more of a delicate lyrical center to it than the more ‘in your face’ Committee III. You could play anything from classical sax through concert band, and all the way into jazz and rock on this, depending on your mouthpiece and your styistic choices. The intonation is remarkably good. The ergonomics are also surprisingly good. I love the octave thumb rest and stack key feel on the Committee II. The left hand pinky keys are vintage style, of course, so you’d have to get used to those. But for the price, and for the tone you get, it’s well worth it!

    Only one available!

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    Martin The Martin Alto Committee III Original Lacquer Beautiful 198824

    $ 1,500
  • Noblet Alto Good Original Condition Great Deal 8662 Original

    $ 599
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    Selmer Mark VI Alto Original Lacquer Very Good Condition 190714

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone Near Mint Original Lacquer 172759

    $ 7,250
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone Sanborn Serial Original Lacquer FRESH Overhaul! 143714

    $ 8,250
    JUST FINISHED with the overhaul October 2021. New photos coming soon. This thing is a screamer!
    This is a 143k Selmer Mark VI alto from 1967. It is American-engraved, with worn original lacquer. In the 139-144k serial range, you get a kind of sweet spot for Mark VI alto tone. These are probably the loudest, most crisp and projecting VI altos, but they still have the warmth and complexity that I love in the earlier VI altos. If you want a dark VI, this is not it. But it doesn’t at all have to peel paint or be played with a high baffle piece. Use a Meyer, and you’ll sound wonderful. It’s a natural lead alto instrument – projects over a band while staying rich and pleasant tonally. Besides the ‘Sanborn serial’ price bump, which IMO used to be more of a thing than it currently is, it’s easy to understand why these became some of the most desirable altos of any kind ever made.
    This particular example has been played a lot! The finish wear reminds me of Kenny Garrett’s alto, which looks similar (just happened to notice that), and is a sign of a horn that has been played and loved. It’s original lacquer, quite worn, and it has had a few of the typical past repairs also – slight bow dent removed, low Eb keyguard resoldered on one side, and slight push in removed from the lower C/Eb post. Bell flare crease removed, and a small dent removed from the upper body tube. All done well, so it looks good enough that you might not notice those things if I didn’t point them out. Original neck is in great shape, not pulled down or damaged. The pads are old, so plan on a thorough overhaul, and this alto will definitely not disappoint. If you’re looking for something mint, look elsewhere! I have a mint/near mint 76k, 127k, 172k and some others at the moment. But this is also a fraction of the cost of what it would be if it were mint also, so there’s that. It’s not that common to find this exact version of VI alto that is the most desirable, that is also not priced a lot higher.
    Only one available!
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    Selmer New Large Bore Alto Saxophone 1930 11816 Old Pads Good Condition

  • Selmer Prelude Student Alto Very Good Condition

    $ 600
  • Selmer Radio Improved Alto 19276 Recent Overhaul Very Good Condition

    $ 4,950

    If you read around on here a bit, you’ll see that I love Selmers from the 1930’s and the Radio Improved in particular. This one is in great playing condition with a recent overhaul, and feels nice and snappy under the fingers. The tone is like a Selmer blended with a Conn almost- delicate lyrical core that reminds me of a later Selmer, but with a wider, warmer, more spread feel like a Conn. The keywork is pretty comfortable too, though the left hand spatula keys aren’t modern, and take getting used to if you haven’t played a vintage horn before. The lacquer is in beautiful shape and looks great – deep honey gold. These horns are very uncommon, and this one is nicer than the great majority of RI’s out there. Only 1140 RI altos were made, and this is probably in the top 10% of those.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Reference 54 Alto Excellent Condition Getting Overhauled 679367

    $ 5,950
  • Selmer SA80 Series II Alto Black Lacquer Overhauled Better than New 533234

    $ 4,750
  • Selmer SBA Alto Original Lacquer Recent High End Overhaul Gorgeous 51347

    $ 8,500

    Amazing original lacquer Selmer SBA alto with a recent high-end overhaul. It plays great!

  • Selmer Series III Alto Great Playing Condition Great Deal 618021

    $ 3,000
  • Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Alto Fresh Overhaul! 402197

    $ 3,650
  • Selmer Super Sax Alto Saxophone Original Silver Plate American Engraved Amazing 17875

    $ 4,950
  • Selmer Super Sax Cigar Cutter Alto Original Lacquer Fresh Overhaul Exceptional! 16757

    $ 5,250

    Just overhauled. Photos are before the overhaul. It looks a bit nicer now, and plays ridiculously well. It’s like the warmth and lyrical core of a Selmer Balanced Action, but with the wideness and power of a Conn 6M added in. Keywork is the older style, of course, so you can’t be too fussy about that.

  • Selmer Super Sax Cigar Cutter Alto Saxophone Original Gold Plate Old Pads 17618

    $ 5,500
  • Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Saxophone Best Student Sax 265493A

    $ 800
  • Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Saxophone Best Student Sax 265727A

    $ 800
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    Yamaha YAS-475 Alto Saxophone Great Student Option – Just Serviced!

    $ 1,299

    New photos coming in a few days. This 475 alto now looks almost brand new! It got a thorough tune up, complete disassemble and clean up, several new pads, and is now playing really well. It feels almost brand new under the fingers, and the setup is better than new. Great option for a solid alto saxophone for someone!!

  • Yamaha YAS-52 Intermediate Alto Saxophone Excellent Condition 13471

    $ 1,350
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    Yamaha YAS-62 Professional Alto Saxophone Fresh Overhaul!

    $ 2,350

    Completely overhauled YAS-62 in top playing condition! I had to raise the price because I spent $900 on a great overhaul on this. It now has all new everything!

  • Yanagisawa A-880 Alto Excellent Condition Aubra Graves’ Horn 117796

    $ 2,950
  • Yanagisawa A-990 Alto Excellent Condition! Plays Great 176857

    $ 2,950

    Absolutely gorgeous example of one of my favorite modern alto saxophones – the Yanagisawa A990 professional alto. By the way – for you parents out there wonderingm Yah-nuh-gih-sah-wah is how you pronounce it. The 990 is the top of the line model, equivalent to the subsequent A991 and WO-10 models which you will also see around for sale, and also to the A880 which came immediately before. Yanagisawa also makes a slightly less expensive, but also professional line which lacks a few bells and whistles present on this line of instruments, called the A900, A901, and WO-1. It’s not too confusing once you get used to it, but I find that it is confusing to many folks initially when they start shopping for these, both to be confronted with the array of model numbers, and the two parallel lines of professional horns, and the difficult-to-pronounce-confidently-name.

    Ok throat clearing how behind us, we turn to this extremely nice example of a Yanagisawa A990 alto. This horn is one-owner, and was very well cared-for. It shows very little use, no wear, and no previous or current damage or past repairs. It’s about as nice as you could ask for. The reason I like these horns a lot, is that the 880 and 990 tenor to have a bit warmer, more complex tone than the 991 and WO-10 do. That extra warmth can give you just a bit of extra depth to the sound, though your choice of mouthpiece and reed will make a larger contribution. Besides that, you won’t find a modern saxophone that is better built than the 880/990/991 Yanagisawa saxophones. That’s because Yanagisawa makes only saxophones, and has been doing so for a very long time. The company is small and highly specialized, and its workers are all master builders, capable of building one of these single-handed, and taking turns on the different steps to keep the work interesting.

    So if you’re shopping used saxophones and feeling nervous about upkeep, Yanagisawa is your safest bet, though you’ll also find good build quality on Yamaha pro saxes, and to a lesser extent on Selmer and Keilwerth, both of which tend to need more of a thorough overhaul when they burn through their intial factory setups.

    This particular A990 has excellent pads, and plays great on them. It is just freshly tuned up, and responds easily throughout the entire playing range without any trouble. The tone is medium bright, and rich, and will darken down with a classical mouthpiece, or project extra with a higher baffle jazz mouthpiece. You can do what you want with it, because the intonation is good and the horn is not mouthpiece-picky at all. The keywork is comfortable and snappy, and the feel is nice under the fingers. The underslung octave key on these adds some interest to the look of the horn, and also works great as a mechanism.

    If you want a horn that just works, dependably, tunes well, sounds great, and gets out of the way so that you can focus on the music, that’s what a Yanagisawa does for you. It’s easy to maintain, with just regular checkups and the occasional cleaning and adjustment. If you happen to be interested, I also have the A880 and the A991 in stock at the moment, and can even get you a great price on a new WO-1 or WO-10 if you email me directly.

    Only one available!

  • Sold Out

    Yanagisawa A-991 Alto Excellent Condition Plays Great 227791

    $ 3,150

    On trial Oct 20 2021

  • Yanagisawa A901 Alto Excellent Condition Great Deal 318710

    $ 2,100