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  • Adolphe Sax Alto Saxophone from 1861 Rare ‘Large Bell’ Plays

    $ 4,500

    Adolphe Sax (Father) Alto saxophone, first generation (large bell).

    Here are the details:
    {23307} [ 1861 ] Alto saxophone in E♭.
    Adolphe Sax, Paris
    Inscribed with monogram trademark “AS PARIS” and “Saxophone alto en mi♭ breveté / Adolphe Sax à Paris / Fteur de la Mson Milre de l’Empereur”.

    This alto got restored in Germany, but is still not in top playing condition. It plays, but it would play better with more work. The restoration included new suitable pads, leveling/silver-soldering of toneholes, rebuilding a tonehole, brass repairs and adjusting the mechanics to good playability.

    It is a very lovely instrument and exceptionally rare. A similar one can be found at the MET MUSEUM, see online, If you’re not aware, the Met has one of the most extensive rare musical instrument collections in the world.

    It also comes with a nice mouthpiece that tunes well with the sax. And it includes the ligature (that came with the sax) with the instrument. I have tested many and this one provided for me very good response and stable intonation at A=440. It is a large chamber design similar to the ADOLPHE SAX mouthpieces, but it carries no inscription and has been opened up to a modern .080 tip.

  • Buescher Aristocrat 140 Alto 339984 Just Tuned Up

    $ 1,250
  • Buffet Super Dynaction Alto Saxophone Original Lacquer 17435

    $ 2,350
  • Conn 6M Alto Original Silver Plate 250314 Recent Repad Big Sound

    $ 3,250

    One of the very earliest 6M’s and my favorite vintage as well. Beautiful original silver plate, recent overhaul, some resoldered posts etc. Email for a full description!

  • Sold Out

    Conn New Wonder II ‘Chu Berry’ Alto Saxophone 184438 Original Silver Plate Needs Overhaul

    $ 450
  • Couf Superba 1 Alto Saxophone Recent High End Overhaul! 81471

    $ 2,850
  • Grafton Alto 10478 Unique and Collectible Unrestored Great Deal

    $ 1,650
  • King Super 20 Alto 1948 Original Lacquer Full Pearls Needs Neck 283216

    $ 2,450
  • Martin Handcraft Searchlight Comm 1 Alto Older Pads Great Deal!

    $ 595
  • Noblet Alto Good Original Condition Great Deal 8662 Original

    $ 599
  • Selmer Balanced Action Alto Saxophone 21532 1935 Beautiful! Overhauled!

    $ 5,650

    Beautiful example of a very early Selmer Balanced Action alto. The engraving is especially nice on this alto, as is the dark lacquer color. This has the rare individual adjuster screws on the lower stack keys, which you only see on the earliest BA’s. The Balanced Action is beloved for its warm, spread tone that has a sweet lyrical core. And for its modern keywork (all modern horns copy the Balanced Action design).

    It does not have any significant past repairs. I really don’t see any. No dents, no dings, no resolders. Neck is in great shape with a little lacquer wear from use. Bell flare is undamaged. It’s quite nice. The engraving is very sharp and looks great. I don’t know for sure whether the lacquer is original, but with the engraving so sharp and the lacquer nice and dark like this, it probably is. Pricing it on the low side so someone gets a deal!

    This beautiful Selmer Balanced Action Alto just got a fresh overhaul, and it plays BEAUTIFULLY! What a warm, sweet tone. Plenty of power if you push it, but mainly lyrical and balanced. Response is excellent. Low Bb is just another note. Saturated subtone ppp is no problem. Altissimo pops out easily. The pad work is super great, with a ‘dry’ feeling under the fingers that means these pad seats are wicked flat. It has the nice reusable slightly domed metal resonators that I love on Selmers. They’re very much like the vintage Tone-x resos, and you can keep them on your new pads if you swap a pad out sometime. You just get a bit more tone out of the horn with these, without changing how it was meant to sound. It’s rare to find a BA this nice, WITH a high end overhaul, and priced affordably!

    There’s no better looking or sounding Selmer in my opinion. Only one available!

  • Selmer Balanced Action Saxophone Fresh Overhaul Original Silver Plate Great Tone

    $ 6,500

    This is an amazing, fully restored Selmer Balanced Action alto. It just got a wonderful high-end overhaul, complete with some spot plating on some keys and along the back of the body tube where the silver had begun to wear. This is one gorgeous alto, with the rare British market two-tone finish, and gold wash bell. The spring tension is on the lighter side, like with most Balanced Actions. If you want stiffer spring tension, we could discuss replacing the springs, but right now, it has a light flute-like feel like these originally had.

    Tonally, If you want an alto that people are going to want to listen to, this is the one. It plays extremely well, with a warm, powerful voice that is effortlessly lyrical and makes you not want to put it down. It has high-end reusable domed brass resonators and sounds very good on them. Keywork is snappy, and ‘dry’ under the fingers, like it should be. This comes with a new BAM Softpack alto case, or you can swap that for a Cabine for +$100. These British market Balanced’s are my favorite finish on vintage Selmers, and they are few and far between.

    There’s only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1966 Original Lacquer Beautiful Condition 137647

    $ 7,000
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1968 160943 Original Lacquer Excellent Condition!

    $ 6,850

    Great deal on a beautiful, original lacquer Selmer Mark VI alto with a recent repad. You don’t need to overhaul this one! It plays well right out of the case. There are minimal past repairs, and this is a very desirable serial number as well. To me, the 160k’s are just about the best value in a Mark VI alto. They are cheaper than the 5 digit serial VI’s by a lot. But they also tune better than most 5 digit altos! They play with the warm, projecting, rich tone of a 140-149k VI, but again, without the premium price. You’re getting all the best VI features, and original lacquer, for the price of a new Reference 54. Which is great because the VI will continue to increase in value while you own and enjoy it. Plus you don’t need to sink an overhaul into this one on top of the purchase price. A good overhaul can be quite expensive. This alto plays with a medium bright, warm, moderately focused tone. It does everything well, which is, of course, why the Mark VI became so popular in the first place. It’s often imitated, but the quality, tone and satisfaction of playing the original hasn’t been matched.

    This is a really nice one, and someone should grab it immediately!

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone 1960 88979 Original Lacquer

    $ 8,950
  • Selmer New Large Bore Alto Saxophone 1930 11816 Old Pads Good Condition

    $ 1,700
  • Selmer Reference 54 Alto Saxophone Ken Beason Full Overhaul 564266

    $ 5,350

    This is a great playing Selmer Reference 54 Alto overhauled not too long ago by Ken Beason. If you’ve read around on this site much, you’ll know that I think almost any modern Selmer needs a full repad, at the least, if it’s going to play up to its potential. This one got a complete overhaul of everything, which is the best case scenario. You can buy a new Ref 54 for way more money, and it won’t play this well either right out of the case, or especially a few months later after the factory pad job starts to fall apart on you in a hundred little ways. Harsh, I know, but that’s why used modern Selmers tend to sell so much lower than new ones. However, once you fix everything on one of these, they are EXCELLENT instruments. They’re built to play GREAT, but just need to be setup to play their best after the fact.

    So that’s what you’re getting. Ken Beason is an experienced saxophone repairman and designer, with a great reputation. He makes his own large slightly domed resonators, which is what you get on this instrument. They’re a lot like vintage Selmer resonators, but they give you a bit more punch and volume out of the horn.

    The Reference 54 is my favorite modern Selmer without any question. It’s the only alto Selmer currently makes that tunes easily with a Meyer or other typical jazz mouthpiece. The Series II’s and III’s can be quite frustrating in the mouthpiece department. The Ref 54 is billed as inspired by the Mark VI. It plays beautifully, with a lyrical French core like a good Mark VI, but with a tone that is its own thing. Warm, rich, and full. Tuning is excellent. Ergonomics are hard to beat on any saxophone. It’s well worth the money at this price. This example has some lacquer wear on the neck from use. If that bothers you, you can swap out the neck for a few hundred dollars, and it will look new again, and then sell the old neck for not much less! But it plays great with this neck and this setup, so I’m not messing with success.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Reference 54 Alto Saxophone Near Mint Condition Full Setup!

    $ 5,450

    Absolutely the best Reference 54 alto on the market right now. This horn is almost mint condition, plus I just dropped the equivalent of an overhaul into it so that you get to play it how it was meant to sound. As you know from reading around on this site, the Reference horns are great, IF you fix all the weird choices that Selmer makes in the factory setup. This horn just had that done, to my picky standards, and now it rocks.

    What was done? Full disassembly, remove every pad, add lots of shellac behind the pads so that they seal well and will seal well for a long time, clean, change the oil, adjust key heights, swap out many of the adjustment materials for better ones/correct ones, and do a full ‘neck fit’ which means laboriously making the neck/body joint seal perfectly all around. Once you fix all that stuff, these are just about the best modern do-it-all altos on the market. Warmer and richer than the Series II and III, and compatible with jazz mouthpieces (Series II and III seem not to like non-Selmer mouthpieces in many cases). Excellent keywork, comfortable ergonomics, fast response, free blowing feel, and great intonation. You could get a slightly cheaper, more worn Ref 54 on eBay or whatever, but then you’d need someone picky to go completely through it to get the full experience, which is expensive, and not even that likely to go right unless your repairman is willing to do all that stuff to a modern horn that already ‘plays ok’ as is. But it’s worth it! Check out the Reference 36 in the tenors section, which has also just been rebuilt, or the Series II alto just below that had a full overhaul and is also glorious.

    Plus this particular horn got a rich, dark lacquer that I have rarely seen on a modern Selmer. I don’t know whether it was a special order or what, but it’s really nice and dark, almost like a 50’s Mark VI.

    Only one available!

  • Sold Out

    Selmer SA-80 Series II Alto Excellent Condition Top Playing Condition 662689

    $ 3,600
  • Selmer SBA Super Balanced Action Alto 41532 Relacquered Plays Great

    $ 4,950
  • Selmer Series II Alto 403860 Great Playing Condition Low Price

    $ 2,950
  • Selmer Series III Alto Great Playing Condition Great Deal

    $ 3,000
  • Selmer Super / Adolphe Sax Alto Saxophone 769 Getting Overhauled!

    $ 3,750

    Are you the ultimate saxophone hipster. (jk) The sort of snob who likes to have a saxophone nobody else can imitate? Here’s an alto you might want in that case. Or if you just love vintage Selmers and want one that both plays extremely well and has some history. This plays wider and wilder than a modern Selmer or than a VI. It is sort of half Conn in how it feels to play these early Selmers before they changed the bore.

    This is basically a Selmer Super Sax from the 1930’s, but with a bell and a few other parts made by the Adolphe Sax company. Selmer used these parts on a small batch of excellent saxophones in the 30’s after it bought the Adolphe Sax company and all its inventory. These special saxophones play like a Selmer Super Sax or Radio Improved, but the bell says Adolphe Sax on it. The body tubes have the normal Selmer ‘body numbers’ for a Super sax, and the keywork is Super as well. This alto is getting a complete high end restoration now, and it will look gorgeous all polished up and repadded very soon.

    I’m really excited about it. The Selmer Adolphe baritone I had was extremely good, and went to a collector who absolutely loves how it plays. This alto will be even better I suspect. The Super Sax ‘cigar cutter’ altos are among my favorite of all vintage altos, and this is basically one of those in terms of tone and design.

    Only one available!!

  • Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Alto Fresh Overhaul! 402197

    $ 3,650
  • Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Alto Full High End Overhaul!! Excellent

    $ 3,950
  • Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Saxophone Best Student Sax 265493A

    $ 800
  • Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Saxophone Best Student Sax 265727A

    $ 800
  • Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Saxophone VG Condition Great Student Option 230407A

    $ 800
  • Yamaha YAS-82Z Custom Alto Excellent Condition Great Player!

    $ 2,950
  • Sold Out

    Yamaha YAS-875 Custom Alto Professional – Fresh Overhaul!

    $ 3,150
  • Yamaha YAS-875EXB Alto Saxophone Black Lacquer Plays Great! C86433

    $ 3,350

    This beautiful Yamaha Custom EX alto just got a thorough tune up including disassembly, cleaning, oil, and a bunch of new pads, and now it’s looking and playing its best! You seldom see Yamaha 875EX altos in special ordered black lacquer, but you should. It’s one of Yamaha’s most beautiful finishes. The ‘honest’ two tone look from the engraving cuts through the black lacquer is striking and gorgeous.

    The main reason to buy a YAS-875EX is, of course, the tone and ease of playing that it offers. No other modern alto tunes as precisely or is so effortless to play in ensemble work. It’s almost like autopilot for sax. If you’ve been struggling to hold pitch on a cheap beginner or intermediate horn for years, you may be startled to find that your habits of correcting pitch are now entirely unnecessary. It just plays in tune. I’m dwelling on that, I know, but both on the alto and soprano EX models, that’s the most striking thing. The tone itself is medium between bright and dark. Brighter than the original Custom 875 model, which I also have available at the moment. The EX darkens down with a classical mouthpiece, or brightens up with a higher baffle, smaller chamber mouthpiece. The tone is not very complex, but is round and clear and projects easily. If you want to play concert, classical, or projecting commercial music, the crisp, clear tone is ideal for working with. If you’re playing smoky jazz ballads, you’ll need an interesting sounding mouthpiece to warm up the sound a bit, or just get a Conn 🙂

    Only one available! This is a great deal on an effortless and beautiful Yamaha Custom alto!