Yanagisawa AWO1 Professional Alto Saxophone New + Setup – Fantastic Deal! A901

$ 3,150

This is a new in the plastic Yanagisawa AWO1 Professional Alto saxophone. This is probably the best deal overall in a modern alto, period. This horn just got its new horn checkup completed, and it is ready to play its very best right out of the case when you get it. It’s completely mint, with factory case, mouthpiece, and paperwork etc. You won’t find a better playing Yanagisawa AWO1 Alto Saxophone. I have an extremely limited number of these that I can offer you at this sale price. Just to be clear: All saxophones listed on GetASax are actually in stock at the time, not drop shipped or on backorder. People tell me all the time “I bought X saxophone at Y dealer, and it said in stock, but then I heard that it won’t be available for 6 months.” Yanagisawa particularly is very heavily backordered right now, so you can often have to wait when you try to buy one, whether you know it or not. These are actually in stock now and ready to ship.

If you’re wondering, the AWO1 is the brass version of Yanagisawa’s professional alto. This is the new name of what used to be the A901 model. It has a more open and vibrating feel than the heavier-built AWO10 (which is also a fantastic alto, but more expensive). My first good alto was one of these. If you want the best alto for the money, that would be the Yanagisawa AWO1. And when you go to re-sell it, you can get most to all of your money back, which is the opposite of most new saxophones.

Any questions, feel free to ask!

In stock

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 16 × 12 in


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