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  • Yanagisawa A901 Alto Saxophone Good Condition Pro Alto All New Pads!

    $ 2,350

    This beautiful Yanagisawa A901 Alto Saxophone is in excellent conditionl. It is also in very good playing condition, having just gotten all new pads by Matt Stohrer, who does excellent pad work. The 901 alto is among my favorite modern saxophones, regardless of price. It tunes well, feels great under the fingers, and resonates with a very lively body tube. Yanagisawa altos like this are among the best built modern altos also, and that makes them reliable and easy to keep in good adjustment. Plus it sounds great with a projecting, medium-bright tone that works equally well for concert band or for jazz or whatever, depending on your choice of mouthpiece. It’s great that you can get a nice, pro alto like this in the price range of many student and intermediate saxophones. Get it now, and you won’t ever have to upgrade.

    Only one available!

  • Yanagisawa A901 Alto Saxophone Very Good Condition

    $ 2,350
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    Yanagisawa A901B Black Lacquer Alto Saxophone Near Mint Condition Gorgeous

    $ 2,450

    This is a beautiful, near mint condition Yanagisawa A901B professional alto saxophone in excellent condition. It has original black lacquer with engraving cut through the black into the brass, giving the horn a beautiful two tone look. This horn just got tuned up thoroughly by Matt Stohrer, and it plays extremely well. I like the 901 the best of the modern Yanagisawa saxophones. It has a freer vibrating body tube than the 991, and it has a big, medium bright, open tone that works great for a range of playing settings. You can darken it up with a classical style mouthpiece, or you can brighten it up easily for jazz. Intonation and ergonomics are excellent. This horn is super well-built. Yanagisawa has the best build quality of any modern saxophone, and it will really hold up well over time.

    Only one available! This is a rare finish, and turns heads. I also have a fancy $1000 gold plated Yanagisawa neck I could throw in for $500, and a solid silver Yanagisawa alto neck I could include for $500 also.

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    Yanagisawa HR 5 Soprano Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece D53

    Yanagisawa mouthpieces are high-quality products that get hand-finished at the factory and that are individually tested for quality. Every one that I have ever played has been very solid. They are Meyer-like in the medium bright tone that they get, but they have their own vibe as well. This is a great place to start if you are playing a modern soprano and looking for a good tone for not much money. I have several of these, so let me know if you’re looking for a different tip opening.

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    Yanagisawa HR 5 Tenor Mouthpiece MPC361

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    Yanagisawa HR 7 Soprano Mouthpiece MPC351

  • Yanagisawa Metal 7 Tenor Mouthpiece MPC362

    $ 175
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    Yanagisawa S6 Soprano Good Condition

  • Yanagisawa S6 Soprano Vito Beautiful Condition Mark VI copy

    $ 1,300
  • Yanagisawa S991 Soprano Saxophone Excellent Condition

    $ 3,250
  • Yanagisawa TWO-010 Tenor Saxophone Near Mint 348515-1

    Yanagisawa TWO-010 Tenor Saxophone Near Mint Condition Great Deal!

    $ 3,950

    This is a nearly-new Yanagisawa WO-10, which is Yanagisawa’s current model that replaces the 991 series, taking the same “elite professional” spot in their lineup (the “basic professional” spot being held by the 901 previously and the W0-1 currently) and other than being priced like a used horn, it is basically new.  It appears to have been played very little and comes with its original case showing it was bought as Kessler Music, where they sell new for $4900.

    This one appears to be nearly flawless, with just a couple of light scuff marks here and there if I look closely, and it is missing its original mouthpiece that would have come with it.  It plays very well, feeling to have a slightly bigger tone than the 991, and definitely feels lighter and a little more svelte under the fingers than the 991, although it still seems plenty robust.  I’ve seen a few of these since the WO series came out, and besides the confusing branding of of mixing Os and 0s, I really like these horns. Since they are still fairly new, chances to grab one used are few and far between, so I’d be surprised if this one stuck around for too long.  Grab it while you can and enjoy Yanagisawa’s newest professional tenor saxophone at a discount.