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    Yanagisawa A9932J Alto ‘Peter King Model’ Special Order Silver and Bronze!

    Fifty years from now, this is the saxophone you will wish you had bought and kept. It’s a 10/10 for a modern saxophone, with top quality build, materials, rarity, full engraving, and a great tone. Plus it’s repadded by Matt Stohrer.

  • Yanagisawa B9930 Baritone Solid Silver + Silver Plate $14,000 new!

    $ 8,750

    This is a beautiful (partially) solid silver Yanagisawa baritone. Yanagisawa makes the best baritones in the world today, and they always have a wait to get one from the factory. This bari costs $14000 to buy new today. It has the floor peg which you can only get special order in Japan.

  • Yanagisawa HR 5 Soprano Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece D53

    $ 99

    Yanagisawa mouthpieces are high-quality products that get hand-finished at the factory and that are individually tested for quality. Every one that I have ever played has been very solid. They are Meyer-like in the medium bright tone that they get, but they have their own vibe as well. This is a great place to start if you are playing a modern soprano and looking for a good tone for not much money. I have several of these, so let me know if you’re looking for a different tip opening.

  • Yanagisawa S6 Soprano Saxophone Mark VI on a Budget!

    $ 1,750

    The Yanagisawa S6 soprano is a professionally-built Selmer Mark VI style soprano that feels, sounds, and plays the same as a Mark VI soprano, if not better. Get it now for a low price.

  • Yanagisawa SC-991 Curved Soprano 297xxx

    $ 2,750

    There’s not a lot to say about this horn. It’s in excellent mint condition, with only the tiniest of signs that it has been played at all. The SC-991 is the best curved soprano ever made, with astoundingly good intonation and a nice even scale.

  • Yanagisawa SC-9930 Soprano Mint Condition Solid Silver Fantastic

    $ 4,750

    Near mint condition Yanagisawa S-9930 soprano with solid silver neck and body tube. These are quite simply the best curved sopranos ever made. This one looks and feels new. Should be a great deal for somebody.